Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ~ {Outdoors}

The Gettysburg battlefield once full of death is now full of new life and growth.
Silence replaces the horrors of war.
Station Square – Pittsburgh, PA ~ A train of long ago shadows the hustle and bustle of the Burg.
A perfect retreat to reflect on God’s goodness.
The birth of a flower…

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Green ~ {Outdoors}

    1. Thank you – I can assume you mean Gettysburg, The original picture was very hazy -taken in late summer so I since I just purchased photo shop I did an auto correction and this is what it came up with, and actually it is pretty close on how green Gettysburg can get on a spring morning. I can’t believe it is the same picture I took around August.


    1. Thank you – I appreciate your comment since I admire your photography talents. There is something about photographing Gettysburg – and that swing is actually part of a walk path that is part of one of our favorite restaurants/convention centers, my ladies group had a retreat there. I could not have asked for a better day for taking pictures. A great weekend.


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