Crown Him With Many Crowns

Everyday on my way into Montoursville, the little town where I work, I need to stop at the post office to pick up the office mail.   It is a quaint little town made up of a few local stores, restaurants and the best bakery in the area.  It also has a few churches like all towns, but there is one particular church that is on the Main Street that plays chimes in the morning.   Every day around the time I stop at the post office I am greeted by the joyous sounds that always prepares me for the day ahead.

Today the chimes were playing “Crown Him with many Crowns”   As the sun was shining, cold autumn air on my face and hearing the chimes ring out “Crown Him with many Crowns, the Lamb upon His throne…” my “soul was awaken” with praise and thanksgiving to His Holiness.

Every morning as I hear those chimes ring out praises to our Savior, I am reminded that Jesus Christ alone is King of Kings, Lord of Lords and that He reigns today, tomorrow and forever.

I hope you enjoy the video I found by the Maranatha Singers as they sing:

Crown Him with Many Crowns
All Hail King Jesus
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise

May it also awaken your souls to His Holiness and His Goodness.


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My life centers around my faith in God and my family.
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20 Responses to Crown Him With Many Crowns

  1. LubbyGirl says:

    Now, THAT was well worth listening to. My hubby was listening to the forebodings of the news, and turned it off so I could listen to this. It definitely was more uplifting!


  2. I love church bells!


  3. optimisticgladness says:

    Wonderful! This rendition brings back memories of the cantatas at my church when I was a child.


  4. Thank you for the musical share. ANd what a great way to start your work day.


  5. Jacquie says:

    How wonderful Lori. What an uplifting way to start your day.


  6. That was soooo beautiful…This morning I had tears as I listened and sang with it…Diane


  7. What a wonderful way to start each day. Thanks so much for sharing.


  8. Victoria says:

    A beautiful post…and hymn!


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