I enjoy a good challenge and this is indeed a challenge. Check out the weekly photo challenge from my blogging friend at hungryheart62 and see if you know the language on her photo. I already tried twice and still don’t have it. Now I am passing on the challenge to you. Good Luck! Patty


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  1. margaret21 says:

    I think Welsh too. It’s the Sainsbury that gives it away. Big UK Supermarket chain. Translation? Not a chance!


  2. Georgia says:

    I cheated and looked it up. Ha, Ha. 


    Sent from Samsung tabletThoughts From An American Woman wrote:


  3. Georgia Cummons says:

    I cheated and looked it up. Ha. Ha.


  4. I’m also guessing Welsh. to my knowledge, there are only Sainsbury’s in the UK so my guess is based on ruling out the other UK languages..


  5. OK I’ll put you out of your suspense! It IS Welsh! Well done to those who got it without cheating! Lol. It’s translation is rather mundane I’m afraid..Cash Machines, Free Cash Withdrawal……

    We were coming back from a dog walk and it was pouring with rain when we popped into the store so this was a rather desperate attempt to capture some Welsh to post that week!

    Sainsbury’s is our local store, we also have a choice of 5 other chains.


  6. I think it’s Welsh but I don’t know what it means without using Google Translate! Something to do with money I guess! 🙂


  7. Let me broaden my guess. Is it European? Exciting entry!


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