The Calm Before The Storm

A view of Williamsport from our lookout on Rt 15 from South Williamsport.

As you are all aware, Hurricane Sandy has turned into the biggest storm in app 150 years.  As I sit here typing, we are getting some rain from this storm front and she has yet to make landfall.  The scope of this storm as it converges with two other fronts is beyond anyone’s imagination. 

We are on the path of the storm, here in North Central PA.  As a matter of fact last I heard the center is heading right for us.  So although we do not live in a flood area we are only minutes from the Susquehanna River.  The city of Williamsport was prone to flooding in the past.  Today we have a dike system that has held up in the worse of storms and floods from years past.  Last year at this time we had the rain effects from Hurricane Irene and there was concern that the dike would not hold and it did.  As Hurricane Sandy moves up and leaves disasters in her wake, we pray that again our dike system holds up.

Pennsylvania has already been declared an State of Emergency, along with 8 other states.  And tomorrow into Tuesday we are on alert for high winds, power outages and flash flooding from the rivers and creeks.  Once Loyalsock Creek overflows her banks I will have only one way into work.  If we get the amount rain they are forecasting we are likely to get flooding from backed up storm sewers that will surely overflow as the rain comes down faster than they can drain. But for now, my office is closed and I am able to wait out the storm at home.

This may be my last post for a few days if we lose power.  So for now we are battening down the hatches as we prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

As bad as it will get here in PA, the folks along the New England and Canadian coasts are going to get the brunt of it.  Our prayers are for everyone that is in this storms path, from North Carolina to New Jersey and New York City, through Pennsylvania and right on up to Maine and into parts of Canada.


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33 Responses to The Calm Before The Storm

  1. terry1954 says:

    i pray that everyone remains safe through this storm


  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Being lousy at geography, I did not know of your close proximity to Sandy. My hopes you and your neighborhood will safe…


  3. Thanks for the update–stay high and dry, warm and safe! My thoughts are with you, and everyone else in the path of that storm.


  4. Prayers, Patty. God still reigns! (((Patty))) 🙂


  5. Georgia Cummons says:

    So glad you gave us an update. I sure don’t want you to lose electricity.


  6. polly says:

    I hope everyone is safe and sound, I know we are suppose to get rain and stonge winds up here this evening.


  7. I will agree with you in prayer Patty.


  8. my prayers are with you, as your prayers are graciously with others


  9. Thinking of you all, from the other side of the world,.and hoping for safe passage for you all


  10. I grew up in Florida. Hurricanes were the norm down there. It’s so strange to see my friends in MD and PA preparing for a storm. Here’s the key: If the local government tells you to leave, leave. Don’t chance it. Make sure you have a family you can go stay with “just in case.” Life is more important than stuff. 🙂 Love you bunches blogging friend!! Be safe!


    • You are right – We lived in FL for a few years and had to evacuate, trust me they told me to go I went… as soon hubby left to evacuate his equipment (he was in the army then) I left soon after to safer ground. The sad part is my family – that I could go to, one lives along the coast in NJ about 7 miles in and another in the middle of nowhere (about an hr north of here) where if it floods they are stranded. Those are the only two left with no power or phone, so they may be coming here! Shelters were opened though so I would have left if we had to.


  11. Praying with you! It feels so helpless to just sit and wait for something so bad to come right at you. Stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. This is a scary storm. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who are in the path of this storm. (((hugs)))


  13. Victoria says:

    Prayers for you and your loved ones!


  14. Denise Hisey says:

    This is an incredibly terrifying time for the East Coast. Please keep us updated, and let us know you’re ok.


  15. God keep you safe. We have friends in the US of A and we are praying for safety and wisdom in this time of emergency.


  16. margaret21 says:

    This must be so scary, and for many, devastating. Thinking of everyone involved.


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