Carnival Glory Day 5 ~ St John New Brunswick Canada

As we left Maine, I thought to myself nothing could be as beautiful than Maine.  And although we did fall in love in Maine I was not prepared for St John.  Not only was it a beautiful area, the Canadian people welcomed us as old friends.

We all prepared for autumn weather and was instead greeting by Indian Summer.  So while the locals were all dressed in shorts and short sleeve shirts we were all dressed in long pants and sweaters. So everywhere we went we were greeted warmly and asked which ship we were on.  As I waited for our lunch, I was asked again, if we were Americans from the Carnival ship, I jokingly asked, “How did you know? Is it because we are all in sweaters in 85 degree weather?”  The lady laughed along with me and said, yes! So we both had a nice little chuckle over our good luck in having wonderful weather but unlucky in not bringing anything cooler to wear.  We chatted in line like old friends until our food arrived.  After lunch while waiting for the second part of our tour, we walked around an outdoor craft fair.  At every booth we stopped at, the vendors treated us as if we were long time residents. Each person was eager to ask us how we liked St. John.  I hope we left them with the  message that everyone at St. John made us feel welcome and a part of their community.

Of course I took many pictures, but since time and space is limited I wanted to share some of the pictures of  the Bay of Fundy.  In the morning we went  on a boat to see the bay at low tide and where the river empties into the bay.  We were able to spot some seals frolicking in the bay, but they are quick little sea dogs and I have lots of pictures of the ripples of water as they went back under water.  I did get a picture of one “black dot” in the distance and as I told my husband, no one may know what that dot is but we know it is one of the seals as they were playing hide and seek.  All in all our visit was indeed memorable.

Sun rise St John New Brunswick, Canada

Low tide at where the river empties into the bay – Bay of Fundy

High tide – the river is now being pushed back by the rising tide of the bay and reversing the flow of the river where the bay is now emptying into the river.

Another view from the observation deck ~ the bay is on the left and the river is on our right.  This picture shows where the bay is staring to push back the river.

The Scottish Bagpiper serenading us as before we set sail. From what I understand it is a tradition to play as we arrive and as we depart.

Saying goodbye to St John

Sunset as we were sailing away from St John


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14 Responses to Carnival Glory Day 5 ~ St John New Brunswick Canada

  1. Beautiful photos and I am glad you were greeted warmly. I always say Maritimers are the friendliest people on earth, especially Newfoundlanders … and no I’m not from there! 😉


  2. Dilip says:

    Lovely pictures especially the sunrise and the sunset ones 🙂


  3. And here was me thinking we only have the most beautiful sunsets in Africa :-). Clearly that is not so because that is a gorgeous sunset in your photo!


  4. I think I might like a cruise now….. 🙂


  5. LubbyGirl says:

    last one just ’bout took my breath away – so beautiful!!!


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