Carnival Glory Day 4 ~ Maine

As we awoke that morning we were sailing towards Maine.  As the sun came up we ventured out on the balcony to see if we could get a glimpse of the Maine coast line.  Instead, what greeted us was a spectacular sunrise.  The day only got better from there.

This is only one of many shots of the sunrise as we were heading into Maine
I have never seen such a brilliant sunrise until that day…the next few days I would see God’s artistic touch greet me each morning.
Our first glimpse of Maine
The first stop on our lighthouse tour ~ The Portland Breakwater Lighthouse – also called a Bug Light.
A view of our ship from the Breakwater Lighthouse
The memorial for the Victory Ships that were built in South Portland. Interesting display inside of the WWII years.
The Rocky Coast of Maine – notice the whale fin of our ship in the background.
The Portland Head Light – it was awesome and the view of the harbor and bay was unbelievable. For this girl who lives in the mountains in Pennsylvania it was a sight to behold.
Another shot of the Portland Head Light

After a lovely day visiting these two Lighthouses and the Spring Point Ledge Light along with a scenic drive through Portland and its beautiful old buildings we enjoyed a leisurely afternoon on our balcony.  We read and relaxed while watching the sailboat traffic coming and going into the harbor.  Then all too soon we were on our way once again. 


37 thoughts on “Carnival Glory Day 4 ~ Maine

    1. There are so many thoughts that go in my mind when I see a lighthouse and I think of this one song that was an Irish ballad about a lost ship and at the end they all came in safely. This was the first large lighthouse I have seen in person and I was impressed! We saw stopped at 3 lighthouses and drove by 2 and sailed past 2 in Portland, in Halifax our ship was docked in front of a small lighthouse. If I could ever talk my husband into it I would retire to Maine in a heartbeat. 🙂


      1. I would retire there, too, in addition to possibly Washington state or Oregon but with my children here, I cannot… but those lighthouses are indeed impressive, aren’t they? I am glad you enjoyed your “honeymoon”…although your hubby was cornered by “eligible” women at one time! 🙂


      1. Yes, I can imagine. There is never enough time on vacation. We have a lighthouse here in Buffalo. Unfortunately I have never been inside as I always missed the rare tours.


      2. My parents are from PA. Near Pittsburg and close to Indiana. They are from small coal mining towns in Kent and Aultman. Yes, we are not far from Watertown! I am not looking forward to winter. But the blogging will help and connecting with people!


      3. We usually do not get a lot of snow, we are nestled safely in a valley but at times the blizzards some through. Most storms seem to travel farther north to your area. 😦 My husband is from the Pittsburgh area and his family is from the Confluence area originally. He also lived in Johnstown for a while, the western part of the start is a nice area.


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