Carnival Glory Day 3 ~ Boston

On Monday we docked in Boston Harbor.  As we were sailing in, we had time to reflect on everything that happened in this harbor.  We just stood in silence as we watched Boston come into view in the morning sunrise.  It was a solemn moment as we thought of the patriots who created treason with England to build this country.

We were spent only one day in Boston, not really enough time to explore all the historical places.  We booked an excursion that we thought would take us to many historical places.  We could not get into the early one so we were booked for the afternoon and it was a rushed bus trip.   The only time we got off the bus was for a few minutes to walk around the outside of the Trinity Church and Boston Library before getting on the boat that would take us on a scenic view of Boston from the harbor. The bus did take us to many historical places: the site of the Boston Massacre; the oldest cemetery in Boston – Kings Chapel Burial Ground; we drove around Beacon Hill, Cambridge, the site of the Boston Tea party, Boston Common, Boston Gardens, Cheers bar, and many old churches and stately homes.

We did venture out on our own, but had no idea where to go so we just walked around.  The pier where the ships are docked are not tourist friendly.  We thought of taking a cab but instead opted to walk around and enjoy the sights around us thinking the excursion would take us where we wanted to go.  Live and learn….but we still had a wonderful time in the great city of Boston.

Boston Sunrise
Granary Cemetery – the third oldest cemetery, 7 people who were killed at the Boston Massacre are buried here – picture taken from the bus
Site of the Boston Massacre – I was unable to take a picture since the bus could not stop. Picture courtesy Wikipedia.
Trinity Church
The USS Constitution from the harbor
North Church Steeple – view from the harbor
A view of Boston from the harbor
A view of our ship while on the harbor cruise

12 thoughts on “Carnival Glory Day 3 ~ Boston

  1. Your first photo of someone peering at the horizon was wonderful! So was your “bus” photo of the Boston Massacre site. Indeed, you will need MORE than a day to walk through the city to see all the historic sites. Walking through the Granary Cemetery for me was eerie yet so humbling to be walking through it. We didn’t have the time to board the USS Constitution nor see her even from afar so you are lucky!


  2. Patty – I do hope you’ll make a car trip or fly into Boston and rent a car for at least a week in Boston. It is one of my favorite cities to visit. As you noted, there’s so much history. I was fortunate in that my work took me to Boston several times a year and I tried to arrange for my dad to be in DC when a trip to Boston was on my schedule. We’d have wonderful central accomodations and he’d explore during the day while I had to work. The best part however was I always tacked vacation days on the end of my assignment and dad and I would explore Boston on our own. Dad being a history buff and he never met a stranger–what a great time we had. The Boston Pops was always a special delight and I’ll admit–I had the best seafood I’ve ever eaten in my life. Now, if I could only remember the name of the restaurant. The prices didn’t meet government per diem but I didn’t care. I was more than happy to pay for it myself. I do hope you are able to go back and spend as much time as you like.


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