Carnival Glory Day 2 ~ Fun Day At Sea

This past week has been a busy one of getting caught up at work, at home and getting back to my normal routine.  My mindset is not necessarily still on the cruise but on relaxation.   So my house is not cleaned and I am not completely caught up around the house but by staying in a relaxed mood I have accomplished plenty more; enjoying a brisk autumn morning with a cup of tea, lunch with friends, a visit to someone long gone but through her precious granddaughter I have the privilege to know, and a relaxing Sunday afternoon of watching movies.  These are only a few of the things that have filled my days since I have been back.  So although I have not been productive but I have been enjoying that relaxed feeling that comes from a good vacation.

Day 2 and 7 took us out to sea.  We don’t gamble but we did get to one of the shows and enjoyed piano music in the main atrium lounge. Our fun days at sea mainly consisted of beautiful walks on the top deck enjoying the view.  It was also spent dozing off on the lido deck with the sun shining down on us and sea air being swept over us.

The pictures show our first relaxing day on vacation.  The first night was formal night, so we enjoyed a delicious dinner with fun dinner companions and wonderful waiters who not only serve the food but offer great entertainment! Before heading back the cabin we enjoyed the music from the different lounges as we strolled around the main lobby. 

These pictures show our view from our cabin and our walks.  I will post pictures of the cruise ship on day 7, since day 7 was much like day 2.  Two days of doing whatever we wanted to do with no time schedule – that is the making of a memorable vacation.

One of our lifeboats in our area..always important to know where they are.
The front view from the Serenity Deck . It was not raining but had a shield around the balcony.
View from the rear of the ship –
View from our cabin
View from our balcony, perfect for reading and napping.
Ocean so blue….
A stroll on the Lido Deck
The Captains Dinner ~ Formal Night

22 thoughts on “Carnival Glory Day 2 ~ Fun Day At Sea

  1. So happy the cruise was everything you wanted it to be–but better yet–you’re carrying the relaxed feeling over now that you’re home. I used to worry about the clean house, etc. but no more. I keep hearing a comment a graduate school professor said to me long ago, “Do you want it to say on your tombstone that your house was always spotless and that you still worked 80 hours a week.” Her comment made a real imprint on my mind. I still like a clean house but you’ll never find mine spotless.


  2. That was relaxing just looking at the pictures. I always liked the cruise commercial where the people were home, taking out trash, going to work, saying stuff like “last week I was a queen”, “last week I had a butler (or whatever they said)”. You just made their point!


  3. That looks so relaxing! I love the sea too and am very glad you are still feeling the benefits.
    You asked where our trip is to? We’re off to India and Nepal which I think will be very exciting but not really relaxing! I think we might need a rest when we get home. I’m hoping to blog some of it but we’ll see just how busy/tired we are. All the best to you 🙂


    1. Thanks Denise, it was a lesson learned over many years of trial and error – but today I was ready to get back into my routine, even made dinner!! Family was pleased – 🙂 I am thankful they let me have my space before turning back into wife and mom –


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