Day 1 ~ New York Harbor

Almost a week after we returned home I am still recuperating, it takes us old folks a bit longer to bounce back, of course a part of me is still on the cruise and who wants to do housework after a vacation?  I am not ready yet to focus on housecleaning after being pampered and spoiled for 6 days, so I am still putting my laundry away, and I can also start writing love notes in my dust around the house.  If only I could have brought home my cabin steward from the cruise!

So here I sit back in the reality of every day life getting motivated into my normal routine.  The memories of last week are not fading, instead I am re-energized from the wonderful time we had.

Not even a week ago we arrived at Pier 90 in New York Harbor and boarded the Carnival Cruise Ship Glory.   Although the decor was not our taste, the ship is indeed clean and colorful and like the ad states – fun.  I cannot say enough of the staff, they made our trip comfortable and treated us like royalty.

Our first day we enjoyed the view from the Lido deck and as luck would have it we were docked next to the USS Intrepid.  We also enjoyed the views of the Manhattan Skyline and God’s magnificent creation with a delightful display of clouds over the Hudson River.  That would only be one day of many witnessing God’s creation at its best.

Our time in NYC consisted of getting off the bus, being herded up to the area to be processed and onto the cruise.  It all took about 3o minutes and no time to dig out the camera to take pictures of the long lines behind us or entering the cruise.  Everything was well laid out and plenty of people on hand to get the line moving. 

But once on board and on the Lido deck I had plenty of photo opportunities…

Picture taken from the Lido deck, but we also had a nice view from our cabin.

We are on our way and saying good bye to the Statue of Liberty…
Our cabin – decorated for our wedding anniversary

27 thoughts on “Day 1 ~ New York Harbor

    1. Yes, I had to pay for it of course! But they did a great job decorating it. Tom loved was a surprise for him.


  1. Happy wedding anniversary, congratulations. Married life is not always easy so a big RESPECT to you both! So glad the cruise went so well, we are actually contemplating one for the first time ever!


    1. Thank you and I hope you decide to go on a cruise. It is a wonderful experience, there are no words to express the vastness of the ocean…Where are you planning to go?


    1. Thanks, it was indeed a fantastic trip. We have saved most of the year to go and it was every penny. More pictures will be coming.


    1. Thank you for stopping by…my sister used to call “click, click” because I am always snapping pictures. 🙂


    1. Thank you – that means so much to me. It always brightens my day. I am slowly getting caught up from my trip but will recognize your thoughtfulness soon. Blessings – Patty


  2. I am behind once again!

    Congratulations on your anniversary. How grand! And to be docked alongside the beautiful USS Intrepid… And you appear to have an eye for photos!

    While my two youngest children have been on a cruise, I have yet to do so. But judging from your wonderful photos and write-up, I must.


    1. I would recommend it. A friend of mine happened to be on this cruise her first one – and she told me although she had a great time, she would have much preferred to drive up. She did not like the idea of needing to be back at a certain time. Other than that she enjoyed it. Me? Well, I am planning cruise # 3. 🙂
      My husband has been wanting to go on the Intrepid and something always came up. So it was a treat to be so close to it, although we could not leave the ship once we embarked. So guess where we are going next year?!!


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