Home Again

We are back from our wonderful trip.  I feel as if I could write about it for weeks to come.  It was a beautiful trip.  We left New York Harbor Sept 29 and sailed to Boston, MA; Portland, Maine; St John New Brunswick, Canada; Halifax, Nova Scotia.  There are no words to describe the New England Coast.  Breathtaking is the first word to come to mind.  We were blessed to see some wonderful sunrises of bright reds and oranges.  Our trip was made even more perfect by having a sunny and warm Indian Summer.  The leaves had not quite started to turn color but with all the other sites the fall foliage was not missed.  But, God did indeed bless our last day of vacation, as we arrived back to the mountains in Pennsylvania we were greeted with a fall foliage show along the interstate.

Unfortunately we were not given much time in Boston to really explore.  The historic sites are not close together like we had hoped.  But, that said we did visit places where important historical events took place.  Some of the highlights of our tour were visiting the place of the Boston Massacre, driving around Beacon Hill, Trinity Church, the first official public library, the commons, and saw where John Adams was buried, also the oldest cemetery in our country.  The view by harbor was impressive.  We learned both new and old historical facts and stories.  On a more modern note, we did stop in front of the Cheers Bar and Restaurant. 

We are planning a second trip to Maine, by car to explore this beautiful state from sea to land. The lighthouses around Maine are beautiful and the view of the ocean is unbelievable.   No matter where we went in St John, we were greeted by all the friendliest and kindest Canadians you would ever meet.  St John is the home of the Bay of Fundy and the Reversing Falls, we took a boat ride before the tide rose and enjoyed the viewed at an observation deck overlooking the bay as the river was pushed back from the rising ocean tide.  Our guide informed us that it goes back 15 miles.  And you know the old song “I left my heart in San Francisco”?, well I should write a new song “I left my heart in Nova Scotia”! Halifax was probably my favorite port.  I am already planning a trip to fly out and explore Halifax to the fullest and traveling on to Prince Edward Island.  This trip included a very scenic drive out to Peggy’s Cove, a must see.  I did notice a B & B for sale on Peggy’s Cove and if I had the money I would be moving there ready to welcome visitors to that beautiful cove.  I had been telling people I am so thankful we have Canada as our neighbor.  We have been to Canada often and have never been disappointed by her people or her scenic beauty.

I will post the most scenic of my pictures from our trip.  I had met a few people who have been on 40 cruises!! This is only our second one, so I have many more to go on in order to catch up to 40!

Blessings ~ Patty

One of many beautiful sunrises, this one was off the coast of Maine

38 thoughts on “Home Again

    1. And I have never lived on a ranch…I have always wanted to. 🙂 There is always something to do and see in our beautiful country isn’t there? I have learned so much from you.


  1. I know what you mean by not having enough time in Boston and how far spread the points of history are… Finding Paul Revere’s house via GPS was hopeless for me! And Maine – my gosh, what a beautiful place that is… I wish you could have stopped by Southwest Harbor further north… but Nova Scotia! Nice!

    Looking forward to the pics! Welcome home.


    1. That will be for another trip. I just want to get in a car and drive through the whole state. Maybe even see a moose! 😉


    1. I just got them back today…I took over 400 pictures!! I did not realize I took that much. We have been looking at them all night.


  2. Great posting – I was trying to place that cruise ship line, from looking at the picture. We’ve only been on one cruise, and it was on a Royal Caribbean ship. We would LOVE to take another!!


    1. This was Carnival, this is our second cruise and second one Carnival. We hope to go to Alaska next – someone asked if I wanted to go on Carnival again, I just said I don’t go which line takes me as long as I get there!! I heard Royal Caribbean is also a great cruise line. I don’t have to cook, clean up, or drive…I love it all. Hope you get to go again too.


      1. Lord willing, we will – we’d love to visit Alaska. Royal Caribbean was fun, and the food was WONDERFUL!!! Oh my goodness, I need to seriously diet before I ever go on another one, though – so I can enjoy it with no qualms. 🙂 Glad you had a great time!!


  3. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time! What a blessed vacation! We’ll make it to Canada one day…welcome back!! 🙂


    1. the Canadians are such a special people. We even drove by the arena where they housed people who were stranded after Sept 11, when the planes were grounded. I remember reading how people also took them into their homes, which I our guide also told us. They made sure they had food, clothes (since the suitcases were all left on the planes and no one had any clean clothes), and any other need they had. I hope you get to go too, Personally it doesn’t matter where – I think just like here in the US with our states each province has its own charm.


  4. Wow. What incredible kindness! My parents are from MI and visited Canada on more than one occasion. We even tease my mom about her “Canadian roots”. Lol. I was born in Detroit but we moved to CA when I was just 10 mo. old, so I look forward to going with my family when the time is right. 😉


      1. It really was…where in Canada is your mother from? My husbands family immigrated from Ontario but I am unsure of the city. Ontario is pretty big….my guess would be around the eastern part of the province.


      2. Oh sorry for the misunderstanding. My mom only frequented Canada so often that she was teased about being Canadian. 🙂 She lived in Michigan.


  5. Wow! What a trip! My mom took us to Montreal for Expo ’67, then took us around to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Prince Edward’s Island. Haven’t been there since, but I remember it very fondly. I am looking forward to more photos.


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