Autumn in my backyard

We will be returning from our cruise today and through the wonderful world of technology I was able to schedule my autumn photos.  I want to thank you for your indulgence as I shared my favorite season with you.  It was fun looking through my pictures and reliving some happy times traveling around Pennsylvania before we left for another adventure.  

As my DH {dear husband} and I get older our adventures are slowing down and it takes longer to recuperate when we return than it does to prepare to go!  But it is a good tired as we return back to our normal schedule.  A tired that lets us know we accomplished something, a tired that reminds us we are indeed young at heart and a tired that also rejuvenate our souls.

Today I will show you autumn in my backyard, where I rest in solitude and enjoy the brisk autumn twilight as winter approaches to coat our earth in the purity of white snow.


26 thoughts on “Autumn in my backyard

  1. I hope your cruise has been wonderful! These preplanned posts of Autumn have been a delight.
    I know just what you mean about taking longer to recover after a holiday as we get older. It takes longer to get ready too! We are off on a special holiday soon and are already preparing! All the best to you 🙂


    1. Here it is noon and I am still in my pj’s! But I was able to pick up some Highland Tea in Nova Scotia so I am enjoying a cup of that with some Scottish shortbread. A good way to recuperate! 😉 Where are you going? I enjoy your pictures so am looking forward to seeing them and hearing all about your trip.


      1. Well mostly Ireland, but a few other places. But this year our house work has kept us home….except….

        We are taking a grandchild to Disney in December!!!! Shhhhhh, she doesn’t know yet! 😉


      2. Ireland is on our bucket list…lucky you. And now the surprise in December…my sister goes back as often as she can, it is always something new and exciting going on. Your secret is safe with me. 😉


      3. Thanks for keeping my secret. 😉 Ireland is worthy of making your bucket list.

        We are going to Disney with some Disney life time members! (I don’t know if they really have that, but these people would be if they did.) We will have our own personal tour guides! I’ve never been either so I”m very excited. But mostly excited about taking her.


      4. That is sure the best way to see Disney with a little one. My sister should also be a lifetime member!


  2. So pretty! My husband just got back from a motorcycle trip to NC, so he brought some fall foliage pics home too– they’ll have to hold me till I can see them in real life! Is that a dogwood off your deck?


  3. I always say you are so fortunate at this time of the year…and for you to have that beautiful deck dotted with fall colors is just gorgeous… Recuperate quickly and let’s see some pics. 😉


  4. Welcome back, Buddy! Missed ya’!
    WONDERFUL pictures back at your Home Sweet Home!
    Wonderful pictures back at your Home Sweet Home!


    1. Thanks, I think I need a vacation to rest up from my vacation!! LOL I would love to see some pictures of Montana, I can envision miles and miles of ranches dotting the beautiful countryside.


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