Autumn in Pennsylvania

The next few posts I hope you indulge me in my love of autumn.  I would like to share some pictures of the area around where I live.

These pictures were taken in Dushore PA, which is where my sister lives.  I love taking pictures around her house.  As I mentioned before  we call the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania “God’s Country”. 

Sit back and enjoy the fall foliage of Pennsylvania.  Actually this is the early part of fall, I hope to catch some of the peak season before the rain and wind blow it all away. 


It is moments like this that I wish I had a better camera.  These pictures were taken with a basic Cannon Digital 35 mm. 


38 thoughts on “Autumn in Pennsylvania

    1. I just hope by time I can get back out and take some more pictures the wind won’t blow them all away. We have had snowstorms (like last year) and other times the trees are vibrant in color one day and a storm comes through and gone the next day. It is all about timing and I have lousy timing. ;/


  1. Patty, those photos are really lovely. I don’t think you need a better camera. Where I live there are hardly any trees, just hills and grass, so there is no autumn like yours. I’m not complaining because it is still beautiful in its own way. I just want you to know how much your lovely photos are appreciated. Anne 🙂


    1. Thank you Anne, I appreciate your comment. he Shetland Islands are indeed beautiful and I love your pictures. I was telling a friend that through photo logs I have traveled the world and I do so appreciate your talent. I think we are blessed with such a beautiful world. Blessings – Patty 🙂


    1. Thanks, I hope you have a cold snap soon. One year we had beautiful peak color one day and as I was out and about I did not have my camera, so I thought I would get some pictures the next day..but that night it snowed and the next day was freezing rain and wind and the day after everything was gone…so sometimes we need to be quick. Last year we had a blizzard in October, funny that was the most snow we had all winter!


  2. Oh my… You knowin Southeast Texas we really don’t have much fall color– my husband always takes a fall motorcycle trip and has seen Arkansas and (leaving tomorrow) for NC, and I want to see real fall color so bad! However, Tallis one of my really intense high school choir seasons, and it just not feasible. Buti told him. The first year I’m retired, I want to take a fall color vacation! Thanks for the lovely pictures and pleas share more as they develop!


    1. It seems a bit early – our birch trees start to turn yellow in August – that always gets me excited knowing the rest are going to follow soon! I hope it is peak season when we get to New England. Virgina is so much like PA – I am sure it is breathtaking around Belle Grove.


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