Super Sweet Blogging Award

Two special people nominated me for the Super Sweet Blogging Award:  Simply Juliana ~ Devotionals for successful Christian Living and Auntie Em’s Guide to Life and Other Musings ~ {A guide to all the important things in life – marriage, family, cooking, gardening, reading, travel…}  They have been an important part of my spiritual journey.  Thank you ladies for hearing Gods call to encourage, inspire and touch our hearts.

I am actually running out of things to say about these awards! Can you believe that!?!  Some of you who know me all too well know I always have something to say!! 😀  It is always an honor to be the recipient of these awards and it has made this journey into writing fulfilling and enjoyable. Thank you Juliana and Auntie Em!


1. Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.

2. Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.

3. Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen” (13) blogs.

“Super Sweet” Questions:

1.Cookies or Cake?   Cookies…just call me the cookie monster!

2. Chocolate or Vanilla?  Chocolate

3. What is your favorite sweet treat?  Ice cream and cookies

4. When do you crave sweet things the most?  Late afternoon after work while enjoy my afternoon or evening cuppa with a few cookies of course.

5.   If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be?  Cupcake or Cookie

Now for the hard part – my bakers dozen.  I enjoy all my blogs, and everyone has been super sweet, so although I will post a few I would recommend that you check out the other blogs I follow.  They have all made my day sweeter than peanut butter cookies (one of my favorite cookies!)

I  know some of you may not accept awards but I would like to mention you so that others may also enjoy your talents. 

1. Talk to Diana

2. The Presence of Peace

3. Cast Light

4. Momentum of Joy

5. Womans Window

6. Terry 1954

7. Sheridegrom

8. A Daily Thought

9. Kitty Calash

10. The Flourishing Tree

11. Cathy’s Crochet Corner

12. Crusoe: Celebrity Dachshund


14 thoughts on “Super Sweet Blogging Award

  1. Oh my gosh, I’m honoured and humbled. Thank you so much. Unfortunately I suck at awards and in my attempt to rid myself of the guilt of not complying with the rules I started My Friday Pick where once a week I feature a post I enjoyed. It’s always someone different and I’ve actually grown to enjoy doing it very much. I hope you understand and please know I am grateful and am so enjoying your blog as well. xo oh and congratulations!!


  2. Yes, a special congratulation to you and thank you for nominating me. We all know that blogging takes a special commitment and I’m looking forward to checking out the other individuals you’ve nominated. I found you from checking out someone else’s list they were passing on. I love this way of getting to know other bloggers we might not otherwise meet. And, a special thanks for always giving your readers/followers a gift of special thought.


  3. Thanks so much for this sweet honor (pun both intended and not intended simultaneously). In the past I haven’t responded on my own blog by passing on awards, but I like what dianasschwenk says in her comment above. Maybe that’ll be something I add in later, when I have my ducks in a row. But in the meantime, thanks for the virtual pat on the back for my blog.


  4. Patty, your friends were right…you are super sweet! Congratulations! Pats on the back and a gentle warm handshake to you! Plus a firm hug!

    Your gracious gift of the award to me is super sweet too! Thank you so much. I pray we enjoy a sweet friendship. Praise the Lord! 🙂


    1. …yes you are sweet – sweet to go through all the research to educate us on fashion history. I am enjoying your blog and the information you provide. We had hoped to do some living history in Gettysburg, but before my husband retired he was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and work related stress, RA and a few other things. So we had to let go of a few things we wanted to do at retirement, but that said we go to plenty of them and enjoy the history and you bring it right to my house. 😀 Thanks!


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