Out Of Order

This afternoon I found out I have a computer problem – it won’t start!  Actually it will start, it just stays on the screen that says “welcome”.

I bought my first computer over 12 yrs ago and this is my third one, and in all these years, I have never had to take any of the ole gals in to see the computer doctor. This is the first one.  I guess it is true, there is a first time for everything.

Thankfully my husband’s computer is working so we will now be sharing one computer again.   Our 33 years of marriage has seen plenty of ups and downs and I am sure we can survive sharing a computer!

I learned an important lesson today ~ it is not the end of the world.  When I first realized my computer was down, I thought that this would be a good time to spend more time with God, my family and even tackle some of the sewing projects I have let go on the way side. 

Through this little bump in the road I have come to realize a few things…

1.  This was a confirmation that God is indeed the center of my life and not my computer.

2.  My life doesn’t revolve around my computer.

3.  Often I joke with friends that I do not have a life, and I found out I do indeed have a life.  A life full of all the little blessings that make life fun and interesting.

4.  We may not be rich, but we are secure enough to own a second computer (three if you count my daughter’s computer)

Since I do not want to take over my husbands computer, I won’t be on-line as often as I am used to, after all I need to allow him to use his own computer.  I think allotting him an hour or two should be sufficient! Don’t you?! 


29 thoughts on “Out Of Order

  1. Oh dear–I hear you. I saw the dreaded blue screen and went into panic mode today. And, yes – we do have a life that’s so much more than a black box. Sometimes we’re forced to remember what it consist of. I had my own thump on the head today. I’m diabetic and was having a wonderful time in my gardens–especially after the nice rain and some cooler weather. I forgot I hadn’t eaten breakfast of lunch until I nearly passed out around 4:30 when I fell up against the house. Rushing into the house and grabbing my blood sugar monitor–I faced a rude awakening. I must be present in my life. Thank you Lord for giving me another chance. I would have gone into a comma. I’m back to having my meals at a certain time and it doesn’t matter if I want to or not–if I behave like a child then I have to treat myself like a child.


    1. I think we all hold our breath when that blue screen pops up. I am so glad you are alright. It is easy to do when you are having fun…I have done it too and found out the hard way how important it is to eat regularly. Its been over a year since I was diagnosed with diabetes and it has been a bit difficult to eat at regular times. I am a eat as you are hungry gal. I can’t do that anymore.


  2. Maybe it’s not the ‘end’ for your computer..maybe it’s just sick and needs a little something..In any case 1-2 hours should be fine for your husband’s needs (ha!) I am so used to having my own laptop now and just sitting with it whenever I feel like it that I would find it hard to go and use the other PC that my husband uses….spoiled..eh? (Canadian eh?) Diane


  3. SUCH generosity – an entire hour?? We used to have just one computer, and poor hubby got the dregs of time. He’s so patient. Now he has his own laptop, and all is well in our cyberspace once again. 🙂 Even now, though, he spends much less time on the computer than I do. Loved this reminder!


  4. I love all the comments as well as your post. He does indeed sound like a lovely man! Hope your blue screen gets sorted soon. You have reminded me that I really must do some back up. I’m very lax about that.
    Have some fun while away from your computer, 🙂


      1. good news, {sort of} I got my computer back with my pictures and I saved them right away! the bad news…the hard drive is going. So since I was going to purchase a new computer anyway at the end of the year I will just use this until the time comes when I need to play taps for my ole girl or I get my new one. 😉 She is almost 5 yrs old now…old age for a computer.


    1. Actually they are – DH thinks they are joined at my hip!! I have no idea why I am good with my computers, maybe because they know I love them and I show them affection! LOL


      1. Yeah but the same one for three years… although, I guess I have slowed way down too. I’ve had this laptop now for almost a year and haven’t even thought of replacing it yet. That’s progress!


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