You Are My Sunshine

My dad used to sing this to me and my sister.  It always brings a tear but it also brings many happy memories of a dad that loved us.

Today I would like to share this song with all of you – my Sunshine friends!

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are gray….”


60 thoughts on “You Are My Sunshine

    1. I did when they were babies, not sure why I stopped. My dad passed away when I was 14 and I can still hear him singing that and many other songs. His legacy to me was appreciation of music. I am glad to see the tradition still going strong with other families.


  1. Great to read what it means to so many. But, remember to just stick with the chorus and not include the verses. We sang it at a Ladies Valentines Dinner and as we got into the verses we figured out quickly we just needed to sing the chorus two or three times and quit.


  2. Your post was so inspiring, it let the Son shine in this morning – and so I posted it on my FB page, hoping I can keep on spreading the Good News to as many other as possible. What a delightful way to do so. Thank you!! And thank you for visiting JanBeek – and reminding me to come and see what you’ve been up to. Happy Blogging!! Smilers never LOSE!


      1. You’re welcome! And yes, it is wonderful that the Son always shines in our lives. I have been whistling “So, let the Son shine in… open up your heart and let the Son shine in!” all day long!! It’s all your fault!


  3. Today is another sunshine day – and I still can’t get this wonderful song out of my mind – a week later! I decided to repost it on MY blog and reach a few more friends. Thank you again… and again… for the gift that keeps on giving!


  4. Yes, it’s chorus that my mother used to sing… I never heard it again for years, and when I did , it nearly broke my heart, as she had left by the time I was six… can’t get over how you can hear every word in this, lovely clear diction that you never hear these days, interesting how this song has come back… I used to hear it in the early forties.


    1. I am finding out it is bringing back many happy memories for a lot of people. Good – nothing comforts us than our memories!


    1. Since I posted that when my days are a bit humdrum or down I just think of that song… it is a lasting gift from my dad of joy!


  5. It’s a song my husbands Aunts all sing at each family occasion, I think it takes them back to when they were children as well, they will love this post.


  6. Patty, it’s amazing how powerful songs can be! I sang part of this song to my firstborn son when he was a baby. It always made me cry, because I was so appreciative of having a child after 12 yrs of infertility. My son, now 17, knows without a doubt that he is loved. Thank you for reminding me…

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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