Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Since I mentioned the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon in my last article I thought I would post some pictures of this fascinating place.  We first went to the Canyon 30 years ago and we hiked to the bottom and hiked back up enjoying the trails and the beauty of Northern Pennsylvania.  When we went a few years ago, we drove to the scenic spots and took a Conestoga Wagon to the bottom.  The only thing that changed in 30 years was us! 

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon is located near Wellsboro, PA and is in the area we call “God’s Country”, which is basically all of the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania.  We stayed at a hotel near the Canyon in Pennsylvania but had to drive into NY State and turn around to go back into Pennsylvania to access the hotel. 

We are blessed to live where we do, we are centrally located to some of the beautiful spots of Pennsylvania.  Close to home yet far enough to escape the daily grind and enjoy nature in all its glory no matter what the season.  Autumn is our favorite time of year and in the fall the PA Grand Canyon is a spectacular with its show of autumn colors.

Sit back and enjoy a touch of God’s creation.


41 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

      1. 1.5 hours east of the rocky mountains. Maple trees don’t grow here. Our leaves just turn yellow and brown. Eastern Canada (the maritime provinces and Quebec and Ontario have the beautiful colours, similar to Vermont. The trees form a canopy over country roads and it autumn they burst into colour – it’s glorious!


      2. I can imagine you miss the fall colors. My sister said the same thing about Colorado, she said she just had to get used to a different type of the beautiful nature the Rockies had to offer. I must admit she was right, her pictures were always so breathtaking.


  1. Beautiful! When I was at my nephew’s house in New Jersey the thing that is so different between here and there is how many trees you all have. Big difference between here, the grand canyon, and your grand canyon. Trees! Your is no less beautiful though. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Both Grand Canyons show off God’s creation in a special unique way. We still plan on visiting the “big hole in ground” – I can’ wait to see a sunset over the Grand Canyon. I would say sunrise but at this age I know I will never get up that early!! 😉


    1. Glad to hear they had a good time, autumn is the best time to go – the mountains spring forth is autumn splendor. We lived in NJ for a while and a few years ago I went back and got lost, and lets just say I know why NJ is called the Garden State. We enjoyed our little “adventure” when we got lost.


    1. When we travel we also try and find the not so “common” tourist attractions. We like the out of the way places they usually have so much more to offer. We explored Mass a few years ago and had a great time. Just got in the car and drove – found a cute little town – don’t ask me where though, I should have wrote it down! 😉


    1. I fell in love with PA when we moved here over 35 yrs ago. I had left a few times but always came “home”. I hope you can visit. They also have a train ride that takes you around the area and if you are lucky may see an Eagle. We saw one on a branch but sadly the picture did not turn out.


  2. What a great series of posts on the PA Grand Canyon and Watkins Glen. I haven’t been to either place in more than 20 years–but I have awesome memories of both from when I visited them years ago.

    I can even remember going to the PA Grand Canyon for a picnic with my family on a Sunday afternoon when Grandma was very elderly, and we thought that that she might enjoy the drive and the view.


    1. I am glad that Helena enjoyed it! It has not changed any that is for sure, still as beautiful as ever. The last time we went was about 5 yrs ago, that is when the pictures were taken. Roseann just returned from Watkins Glen, although I am sure that has not changed much either. I was hoping to get into McEwensville this weekend, but our car needs a new water pump and we are waiting on the garage to call saying that the part is in, I am basically driving to work and that is it.


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