Watkins Glen

A sweet friend of mine Roseann Bump – whom I have not seen for ages {hint, hint ~ if she is reading this!} recently took a trip to Watkins Glen and graciously allowed me to post a few of her photos on my site.  Watkins Glen is a New York State Park and is one of the famous parks of the Finger Lakes State Parks.   We have never had to pleasure to visit Watkins Glen but now that we are traveling closer to home, I think Watkins Glen will become one of our destinations, and although I doubt we can make the hike to the gorge, (it is safe to say we are no longer 29 and limber!) we will still be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery of driving up from Pennsylvania and to view nature as God intended through the peaceful beauty of  the Finger Lakes.


32 thoughts on “Watkins Glen

  1. We took the kids there one summer. Hotter than Hades, but gorgeous! I remember thinking, “I will never again be smug about our spectacular beauty Out West, because they have places like Watkins Glen Back East!


    1. We keep saying we are going to go but always end up somewhere else. Did you know we have a Grand Canyon – it is called the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon? I will have to post some pictures. That is one of our favorite local getaways. We have never been out west, but from what I can see – there is nothing to compare to the beauty of the western USA.


      1. It is remarkable, but there is a quiet and gentle beauty about the east, and so much HISTORY! We love that. What could be more spectacular than autumn in Concord, MA? I have never been to the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, although I have been to Pennsylvania. I will put it on my list!


  2. Pennsylvania Grand Canyon????? I have not heard of this. I don’t know how I live with out seeing all of these incredible sights! What would I do without the internet to show me them all? Great pictures.


  3. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon in AZ (my late husband was from AZ), but never heard of one in PA. The one in AZ actually took my breath away, it was so awesome. I felt very small, and definitely knew there, that God was very big! Love these photos of Watkins Glen – another place I’ve never been to nor heard of. [I live a sheltered life 🙂 ]


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