National Dog Day

I recently found out that today is National Dog Day, well I could not let the day go by without honoring our dogs!

We have four very beautiful dogs.  My husband and I have each have a Dachshund and my daughter has a Dachshund and a mixed breed that is part Bernese Mountain Dog, Australian Shepherd and Border Collie.  We still remember when she brought him home and he fit in the palm of our hand.  She promised he would not be a big dog, but within a few months we knew we would not have a small lap dog, instead our Snoopy is a 65 pound lap dog.  As some of you may remember, he is also affectionately called our “Ugly Dachshund”, because he was raised by Dachshunds and thinks he is one.  Our dear Smokey (passed away nearly 5 yrs ago at the age 12) claimed the little Snoopy as his own.  Even as Snoopy grew and out weighed Smokey by 55 pounds, our little Smokey kept him in check and they slept side by side till the day Smokey left us.  Now poor Snoopy is bossed around by three more doxies!

So in honor of National Dog Day here are our four-legged family members:

Lacey – our little lady
Silver – he hates his picture taken so we usually have to take a picture while he is sleeping.
Harrison with his football

And in honor of Champ Sr, Champ Jr, Smokey, JB, Leibchen, Heidi and Pinch – just a few of our other dogs through the years – Happy National Dog Day.


32 thoughts on “National Dog Day

    1. Leo was a beautiful dog with strong markings. Our Pinch was also a purebred German Shepherd and our Heidi was a German Shepherd mix…I have always loved German Shepherds so it was a shock to marry a man who loved little wiener dogs! But they stole my heart too! 😉


  1. Aw Patty they are so cute! We used to have a comedian duo over here called Little and Large…kind of suits your dogs, doesn’t it. Brits don’t have a National Dog Day but in honour of yours I will post mine later!


      1. Oh my gosh they sound adorable.Especially the Peke – a- poo, I never saw that one, but the breed sounds cute. My sister had a Pekingese once, we all fell in love with her. Of course I never met a dog I didn’t like – I love them all. 😉


    1. Good question! I found out about it on Sunday and actually have never heard of it before. But I am always willing to shower praise on our 4 legged family members for any reason! 😉 So I looked it up and here is a link that explains it. “Founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige, National Dog Day was created to honor dogs more than we currently do, to give them “a day”, to show deep appreciation for our long connection to each other – for their endearing patience, unquestioning loyalty, for their work, their capacity for love and their ability to impact our lives everyday in the most miraculous ways. National Dog Day wishes to encourage dog ownership of all breeds, mixed and pure – and embraces the opportunity for all dogs to live a happy, safe and ”abuse-free life”. It is a shame our pet shelter here did not pick up on it. I will have to check with them and see if they are aware of it. What a wonderful opportunity to make awareness of abandoned dogs that are put into shelters and to find homes for them. So basically nothing is done yet, but it is a start to celebrate our canine buddies!


      1. Yes, you’re right. Putting out a good word for homeless dogs in shelters seems a good way forward. Meanwhile, hope those dogs of yours got a big bone to chew on today!


  2. How we loved the four legged ‘people’ that always managed to make it ‘across the pond’ with us each time we’d moved. They are all so much a part of our family, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for stopping by my blog and signing on. I’m looking forward to reading with you in the future. My husband is also retired military and I spent 20 years with DoD. Cheers!


    1. I have friends that have had cats and dogs at the same time, and it is so cute to watch them interact. Either the dog thinks he is a cat or vise-verse! If I had the room I would probably have cats running around too, they are such sweet cuddlers.


  3. Hi Patty, I love to hear about the special Dog Day, better late than never. We currently have a miniature dachshund named Miss Molly Rose, she is 6 months older than her little sister Gracie Louise, a rather large Alaskan Malamute who weighs in at 80+ pounds and has the sweetest personality (kind of a gentle Ben type ;-0) ). They are so much fun Molly thinks she is in charge and Grace kindly lets her think so most of the time. The antics of two dogs of such different sizes at play is somewhat hysterical.

    I came across your name while reading comments on my daughter’s blog (Ostrander Blog). She’s currently serving in Afghanistan and still blogging such great stories and pictures. Her blog has bridged the gap for us while she’s served and lived so far from home. Thank you for nominating her “For One Lovely Blog” and recognizing the amazing blog she shares with us. I am so proud of her service and her accomplishments as a woman. Thanks again, Carol


    1. Hi Carol – so nice to meet you, I have been enjoying Ostrander Blog, her pictures and stories. We are also a military family, actually I was born and raised in the military! I feel sort of a kinship with her because I was planning on going in, just waiting to go in for my physical and sign on the dotted line when I met my husband. Thanks for stopping by – what fun your dogs must be, I am always saying they are more fun than tv. Nothing says love like our 4 legged children!! 😉


      1. Yes, they are so much fun and company. My husband Jim and I are both retired now. His health hasn’t been the greatest this past year. Having the girls to keep things fun at home is such a wonder. Molly loves all things that are food, and her ball. She loves to chase it, roll on it, grrrhh at it then bug me some more to throw it. I think she’d chase it all day if I’d let her. Grace is only interested for a short time and then it’s more to take the ball away from Molly, they love each other to pieces, but are just a little jealous of the attention they each get (just like kids). If Molly is in my lap Grace does her best to get there too, of course at her size (I’m only 4’9″ so you can imagine) getting in my lap is impossible <>. It’s more like being covered by a lumpy, squirming blanket. hehehehe! They are family members and as such have their place in it, we love them so much…. It has been good to meet you too. Where are you stationed, I noticed the time difference. Isn’t the technology wonderful to stay connected? I love Jen’s blog, the descriptions of the area, the photos that bring it all home, it makes a world of difference when she and Fletch are so far away.


  4. LOVELY, happy looking dogs! I am especially drawn to dapples (and piebalds, like my own). Silver is gorgeous. Is Harrison a dapple, too, or is that just the way the light is hitting him? And I can’t believe you can give him a plush toy. Maks can only have nyla bones. Anything else he tears apart and EATS in minutes. Mere seconds for plush toys. Potter, on the other hand, doesn’t understand why any dog would be interested in a toy when there are living, breathing, fur-bearing squirrels in the backyard.

    Don’t they make your life richer! Great post!


    1. I never heard of a piebald Doxie before, then I saw one at the kennel where we adopted Harrison and fell in love with him, actually it is Harrison’s father(he is an Isabella Piebold). We like all the doxies but my husband is drawn to the red smooth hair (funny we don’t have one but he is working on it!) Harrison is actually considered an Isabella/Tan. His mother was a black smooth coat. Silver had more markings when he was a puppy, as his hair grew in he lost most of it. We see it best when we have him groomed. Harrison is the only Doxie we have had that enjoys his toys, his football and bo-bo are his favorites. The other dogs prefer bones. Even the ones we have had in the past, they would just ignore toys, with Harrison we had to buy a doggie toy box!! LOL Harrison likes “playing” with squirrels, rabbits and moles”, he must think they are bo-bo’s that move! Your Potter sounds like our Smokey who passed away 4yrs ago. They sure do make our life our richer, I will have to locate a link for you called “Caruso the wonder Dachshund” So nice meeting you! Give Potter and Maks hugs from me and the Hooligans!!


  5. Hi, Patty! Thanks for the link. I’ll be checking it out as soon as my granddaughter goes to bed tonight, and I have some time to play on the computer. She’s visiting for the weekend, and keeping me hopping.

    I actually thought for a long time that dachshunds were always black & tan, or red. Was I surprised ten years or so ago to find out that they come in so MANY colors. And when I saw the piebalds, I was lost. They look like stubby-legged little bird dogs to me! *grin* But all dachshunds are special, and I will love the breed forever.

    I was thinking Isabella was more of an unusual tan coloring? Did I make that up?? (I do, you know. I’m OOOOOOLLLLD. Hehe.) Maybe the photo makes him look redder than he is, or I’m just confused about the Isabella coloration. But whatever, he’s beautiful.

    I like red smooth dachsies a lot, too. And wild boar, especially on wire-haired dachshunds. That’s really pretty cool.

    Potter will touch neither a bone nor a toy. He just looks at them like he’s thinking, “What the heck? It’s PLASTIC. Why would I want that, when I can chase squirrels and the occasional citrus rat that comes into our yard from the nearby groves. They know better. They have to know by now they are going to DIE if they cross our fence. But still they do, at times.

    Maks is just the opposite. If it even LOOKS like a toy…like a Swiffer hand duster or a pair of slippers, he’s going to grab it and rip it to shreds and start ingesting bits of fiberfill and fabric. He’ll eat anything, after killing it to his satisfaction.

    They are each so different, with such distinct personalities. Oh, and I just remembered, Potter’s litter mate was a CREAM & white piebald. If you saw him from anything over 5 feet away, he looked like a solid white dachshund. VERY unusual.

    Great talking dogs with you. I’ll have more photos of my guys in the garden, I’m sure. And I’ll be stopping by here to see what you are up to as well.


  6. Although I am a dog lover through and through I never knew about National Dog Day!!

    Oh how I miss my girls! Pepper, Ginger, Nikki and Lady…. I’ve been thinking about doing a post about how much they each helped me through some difficult times. This has rekindled the idea. 🙂


    1. Good I am glad you are going to write something. I look forward to reading it. We have always had dogs each one holds a special place in my heart but but Smokey was my chemo buddy and so we had a special bond, he is gone now – ironically he died of cancer 4 yrs ago. 😦


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