Who Is Prowling In My Bushes?

Today I was going to post a book review.  But something happened in my yard that I have to share with you, so my review will have to wait for another day.

As I was outside with my daughter a noise caught my attention and I noticed something moving in the weeds and bushes on our fence line.  I wondered what was lurking in the shadows – stalking – and ready to pounce on me?

The rustling of the leaves….
Something is moving…
Searching out his prey….
Oh no!! He spots me…
Thank goodness it is only Harrison in search of critters….
Now that he knows who was stalking him, he is going back on the hunt…

8 thoughts on “Who Is Prowling In My Bushes?

    1. We live just outside the city limits so our yard is not that big, but he claimed this section, this past summer my husband has not been feeling good so it got overgrown quickly, but now he is afraid to clear it out since Harrison loves it in there, it always looks like he is going big game hunting!! Thanks for stopping by.


    1. He is – he gives great puppy hugs. We have four dogs and like children they all have separate personalities. After he noticed me stalking him, he came out, looked at me as if to tell me I was interfering with his “hunting” and then went back in. 😉


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