“I am a traveler passing through the earth, as all my fathers were”  Psalm 39:12

We are all travelers on a journey.  May we each make the most of our life’s journey by returning to the childlike enthusiasm of doing new things, meeting new people ~ to be free again ~ to run barefoot in the grass. 

Let us open our minds once again to the curiosity of God’s creation, experiencing the blessings that God so generously gives us.  


About Patty B

My life centers around my faith in God and my family.
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20 Responses to Traveler

  1. Chatter Master says:

    I hope to live by this.


  2. Inspiring post my friend . Thank you for the generous award. Such an honor and a joy. Yes, we are all transient travelers in this lifetime. Thank for the reminder because honestly sometimes I do forget when I get so caught up with worldy problems. Beautiful, “Let us open our minds once again to the curiosity of God’s creation, experiencing the blessings that God so generously gives us. ” God bless.


    • These days it seems it easy to caught up with worldly problems and we all need to be reminded to be like children again…I know I did! 😉 My neighbors may think me nuts when they see me running barefoot in the grass!! Blessings – Patty


  3. So appreciated your post today, watching my 9 yr old and her friends making ‘medicine’ from dead flowers and mud (?!) They resonated with me ok!


  4. Auntie Em says:

    I love this one! Reminds me of an old song, “I am a pilgrim”– I found Doc Watson singing it on YouTube if you want to have a listen.


  5. dilipnaidu says:

    Beautiful words and thoughts! So much meaning! Thank you.


  6. Arindam says:

    Inspiring thoughts. Thanks a lot for sharing these words of wisdom. Very meaningful post.


  7. danbalva says:

    Awesome post!! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award! Congrats


  8. russtowne says:

    Well said, Patty! And may we tread softly upon this earth, and lighten the loads and help heal the hearts of all those we meet along the way.



  9. JanBeek says:

    I took you at your word and ran free and barefoot in the grass today. Wonderful! Come run with me, Patty!


    • Yea – glad you did it – I have been wanting to do that for a long time, but we have 4 dogs so I will have to get my DH out there like a mine sweeper and sweep the area of … know…little gifts from the poops! (we call our dogs “poops” instead of “peeps” the slang for your friends, I assume was short for your people….and it fit too if you get my meaning!!) LOL Anyway I have been day dreaming while watching the clouds float by and letting my imagination soar.


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