A few years ago I fell in love with quilts.  I have learned how to piece quilts but have yet to actually stitch a quilt. When I put my quilts together I tie my quilt.   A tied quilt is one where the three layers are not actually sewn in lines of stitches, but have spots every so often where the thread (or yarn) has been passed through all three layers and tied in a knot .  Stitching a quilt takes patience and very nimble fingers, of which I have neither!

So I guess you can call me a “piecer” someone who stitches the pieces of a quilt together into the numerous blocks and patterns.  A quilter is someone who stitches two or more layers of material together to  make a thicker padded material, in most cases stitching a design to highlight the fabric.

Quilts have been around since the Middle Ages and over the centuries have been used for a variety of reasons.   But it is the American Quilt that has inspired artistic creations from Colonial days, to the Frontier and to today.

There are many different styles of quilts and the most popular are the pieced quilts, or quilts made from blocks.  In the 1840’s the growth of the textile industry made commercial fabrics were affordable to almost every family. As a result quilt making became widespread.  With so many fabrics being produced women were now able to create blocks by using a wide assortment of fabrics. Today quilt making is an art form with designs creating beautiful masterpieces.

Over the years I have attended a few quilt shows and here is a sampling of some of the treasures I found.


32 thoughts on “Quilts

  1. I have several old tied quilts that came from my husband’s family. They aren’t fancy, but they look very functional–and I can just picture them keeping people warm in the days before central heating..


    1. What I like are the older quilts, they have so much memories in them. They may not be “artistic” to today’s standard but in some ways they are more beautiful because of the loving hands that made them. They are a great keepsake. Blessings!


  2. I love quilts too- I have made 3, almost all machine pieced and quilted. When I see these, it really makes me want to get busy again! Thanks for sharing them with us!


    1. I love to wrap myself up in them. My mother knitted and then only when she was bored and with three children that was not often!! She did not like doing any types of crafts. I want to do them all – but quilting (I should say piecing) is my favorite. Do you have any of them?


  3. They’re all wonderful, but number three is the one I’d take home. Those are all the colors in my living room. One of my best friends made me a beautiful quilt several years ago. You know you’re loved when someone makes you a quilt.


  4. Number three is my favorite too! The colors are a simple beauty – you would have loved to see the original. The stitching was perfect – what talent! I wanted to take all of them home but since they were not for sale I am sure the owners would not have liked it if I took them! LOL


  5. Patty, these are lovely! I had a quilt growing up that wa so cozy! I had a friend who attended quilt shows. She had lovely books with amazing patterns. A church I attended also had a quilting circle. They made incredible prayer quilts that would later be raffled. Thanks for a great post!


    1. A few churches around here still make prayer quilts and the one fabric shop I enjoy visiting make quilts for Hospice. Our church makes prayer shawls and that is the reason i am learning to knit and renewing my ability to crochet. It is amazing how sewing and knitting can create so much comfort.


  6. Both of my grandmothers used to quilt and it’s one of the many things I miss about them. They would make’em and always keep us supplied. I sew but I never learned this particular art form, now I wish I had…Thank you for sharing and reminding me of those wonderful memories. Many, many blessings to you…Robin


  7. way, way cool. This reminded me of my mother -she COULD make a silk purse from a sow’s ear! She could also quilt and use up all those little pieces of otherwise worthless old ragged clothes. I reckon that’s where I got my first introduction to being a REmissionary. But she didn’t have a sewing machine that I can remember, did all her sewing by hand. That part of her I did NOT get!!


    1. Are you from the south by any chance, all your little sayings make me think of my dad! Quilting is the ultimate “re-mission”, I always thought it was neat that they used many pieces of old clothes to piece together. Your mom must have been wonderful with a needle, I admire how the ladies sewed by hand.


      1. yup. you can take the girl out of the south, but the south will NEVER leave this ol’ gal!! and Mother was amazing – the tips of her fingers showed it. they were totally pricked and poked and all rough. I just never got her expertise, just the pricked fingers. 🙂


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