Busy Hands

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might” Ecclesiastes 9:10
As a young mother my days were filled with everything from diaper changes to kissing boo-boos and from endless piles of laundry to bedtime stories.
There were many days I wondered if what I did mattered.  Every day was filled with nonstop activities and housework; it was a busyness that consumed my days.  No matter how I tried to find balance between children, a husband, and every day issues it always seemed something needed done with not enough time in the day to complete it all.
Now as my children are grown and I have been happily married for 32 years I can see everything I did mattered, even cooking leftovers to make that dollar stretch a little bit farther. Over the years like all of us, I wore different hats and still do today; the hats continue to change in all seasons of life.
God entrusted to me; my husband to honor and respect, my children to nurture and raise in a Godly home and to build that home into a refuge of comfort and happiness for those I love.  What I do matters to my family, friends and those whose paths I cross and may never meet again by helping in my own small way. Hands keeping busy doing what God calls me to do.
As wives and moms we know juggling is no easy task and as an Army wife it also meant being a single mom, sometimes with no advance warning.  But we all did it and today many military families today struggle with loved ones deployed to far away places as they raise children alone and lonely dreams fill their nights.  Hands are kept busy building tomorrows children and waiting for loved ones to come marching home.
Some days I may fall short and when I do I have Christ ready to catch me and my family to encourage me.  I am secure in the knowledge that I am right where God planted me.  Through the years I knew what needed done and I did it with the mighty strength of the Lord.
As wives and mothers we all have our roles and responsibilities and whatever work “our hands find to do”  we are to do it with all of our might.  And wherever our lives take us ~ and whatever we do, we matter to the lives we touch.
{Patty Beggs 2012}

19 thoughts on “Busy Hands

    1. Thank you, I am thankful that you like my writing enough to nominate me. I appreciate it very much. I know I have recently started to follow your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. It has become a part of my devotion time in the evening. Blessings – Patty


  1. Another heart-warming post. Thank you for You, as Russ said, and the love you share here as well as with your beloved family. A favorite line: “I can see everything I did mattered”. As an at-home wife with older kids I appreciate that sentiment very much. All we do, every dollar stretched, every heart comforted, it all matters. Thanks again. Hugs, Gina


    1. Thank you for comments…we all go through those moments of wondering if it is all worth it, it is a blessing to look back and see that it did. Being a parent is the most important role we can have and what an honor to be a stay at home mom, for me it was the most rewarding experience I ever had. Blessings – Patty


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