Civilian Life in Gettsyburg

This is my last installment of Gettysburg.  As you can now tell, I enjoy taking pictures.  This was a very interesting weekend for us. Both my husband and I enjoy learning about history and although this was a reenactment, it allowed us a glimpse of life in America during the time our country was divided.

General Lee talking to us about his life and the Civil War.  One fact many may not know.  General Lee did not believe in slavery and Gen and Mrs. Lee were in the process of freeing the slaves they had inherited from the father of Mrs. Mary Anna Custis Lee – George Washington Parke Custis, the step grandson of President George Washington.
The United States Christian Commission ~ they served on the battlefields of the Civil War “without rifles or cannons…they came with bibles, bandages and the love of Christ… 
Demonstration on the women’s life in the 1860’s, fashion show and daily life for the 1860’s woman.
Pennsylvania Belles!
Sutlers that accompanied the troops selling their wares. Today they sell reenacting supplies and gifts for the tourists.
Music – entertainment for the troops. Civil War version of the USO!
The food tent – preparing food for the troops…but a few troops ordered pizza.  I could not find the picture that had Union and Confederate troops eating pizza together…now if only we can solve all wars that way.

Thank you for traveling back in time with me….


19 thoughts on “Civilian Life in Gettsyburg

  1. I love this one! And what a wise (if funny) conclusion – if only all wars could be solved with pizza! These are all terrific photos and captions. Thank you so much. I really want to visit Gettysburg, and see the re-enactments, but until then, your great posts have brought me right there!


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