Gettysburg Battle

A few years ago we went to one of the reenactments that are held every year in July to commemorate the Gettysburg Battle.

We thought it would be a portion of the battle and that would be it.  But instead we found a tent city of soldiers allowing us to see what life was like for the Civil War soldier.  There were also demonstrations of artillery fire, living history of civilian life along with entertainment of camp music.  We thought we would be back to the hotel by mid afternoon and did not get back until dusk.

It was an interesting experience to learn not only about the Union and Confederate soldiers but to learn about life back in the mid 1800’s and what life was like for both the soldier and civilian.

The Confederate Officers – we got to know a few of them, they were pretty nice even if they were “rebels”!
General Robert E Lee and his staff…we had chance encounters with him all day, so much that by the time they were patrolling the perimeter he knew us!
This Confederate soldier is holding Tom’s Civil War rifle. We bought it a few years earlier at one of the antique shops in Gettysburg. His portrayal of a confederate was very accurate. He slept in his lean-to and his food consisted of  bacon, corn (“borrowed” from the corn fields) hard tack and coffee. He also told us he has only hand washed his uniform once or twice a year in cold water.
A Union soldier with Toms rifle. He was a bit shy, but he explained a few things about a Union soldiers life.
General Stonewall Jackson…this was a treat considering he was shot accidentally at the Battle of Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863 and died 8 days later. You just never know who you will meet in Gettysburg!
Artillery in place
We were in the Confederate line – and watched as the Confederate army marched into battle.
The Union troops preparing for battle
The Calvary
Union Calvary after the battle

12 thoughts on “Gettysburg Battle

  1. VERY neat!! My husband and I took the tour of the battle field when we were there. I highly recommend the car tour. The guide actually drives your car through the battle field telling you the history and special stories of the area. Pretty cool.


  2. That was the first “personal tour” of a Civil War re-enactment I have seen. Now you’ve got my curiosity up. I am sure you learned that being wounded back then would mean your chances of dying were very high due to infection. Indeed a tough life.


    1. Until you see a hospital tent you really have no idea. The instruments they used looked horrible. And of course if they washed them at all it was only in cold water. There are usually good presentations of the hospital tents around Gettysburg. During the battle the “ambulances” rode up to take their place to be ready for the wounded before the battle began. They even had ladies from the town walk through afterward tending the wounded. And yes it was indeed a tough and a difficult life.


    1. It was an experience, a bittersweet one. To be there and get a glimpse of what it was like but then knowing what happened there and all the senseless deaths. It is a part of our history that is quickly diminishing. Although it was July – hot, muggy and humid we are glad to have had been able to step back in time. Thank you for stopping by! Blessings – Patty


      1. I think every Christian woman still has growing to do. Nobody is perfect, but we must all strive towards reaching that mark. It is a struggle to work past this tendency I have, indeed that we all have, to become the person we want to be, but I believe it is worth the effort.


  3. This is really interesting to me. When I was in France last May, I stumbled upon a camp of people who had recreated an American military camp from WWII. I didn’t even know anyone did that, let alone in Europe.


    1. While my husband was in Germany during his last deployment he took a trip to Bastogne and there was a reenactment of the Battle of The Bulge, he was pleasantly surprised because we never thought they did those over seas either. He even met a lady who was a young girl during that time and had a picture of Gen Patton and she is in the background behind a window in her parents house. He had a nice conversation with her. It is a great way to keep history alive and hopefully someday the leaders of the world will learn that war is not that answer. Blessings – patty


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