Where Does The Time Go?

Our son – 1 week old

This year our son turned 31. Like all other parents, we ask ourselves, where did the time go?

It truly does seem like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital, in his little Steeler onesie.  He was so tiny yet so big.

Today I see a young man, a soldier and a youth leader.  In the days past I remember a baby who hated to sleep, he was always afraid he would miss something. He enjoyed being with us and never liked to be away from us for long.  But as he grew up he would be the one always going somewhere – from one adventure to the next.  Recently I told him, don’t tell me when you travel,  just let me know when you get home!  If there is a path to walk, mountains to climb and people to meet, he is there.  He inherited my dad’s “itchy feet”, always wanting to see and do what is around the next bend.

One Year Old

When he was a baby one of his favorite games was “sack of potatoes” that is when daddy would sling him over his shoulders like a “sack of potatoes”.  Another game was being attacked by the “mad washcloth” during bath time.  His squeals of laughter would fill our home.

Thoughts go back to seeing both daddy and son sitting together on the recliner watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play.  Today they go to the games and it is just as special as when they sat together, cheering their favorite team on the television.

When he was three years old we were stationed at Ft Gordon, GA where we

In Bosnia with the children
from the school his unit adopted

bought Tommy’s first set of BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform).  Tom was recently promoted, he then presented our son with his old Specialist 4 insignia.  Wherever we went on post there would always be soldiers who would salute him and make a fuss over the young soldier who out ranked them, bringing smiles to a little 3 yr old boy.  Today, he is the soldier, serving his country and bringing laughter and smiles to children all over the world.

We also share plenty of mother and son moments, when Tom would go out on TDY (temporary duty) we would make a day of it, finding new and interesting things to do, along with ordering order pizza.  So much that it became a family joke that Tom did not have to worry about the milkman coming around when he was not home, he had to worry about the pizza man! 

We also share an appreciation of movies, books, music and travel.  And we both like to laugh ~ but today his is a quiet laugh with a twinkle in his eye that fill our lives.

From his first steps to his first day of school, to the bittersweet moment of his basic training graduation and first deployment to the joyous occasion of his college graduation ~ it has been a honor to watch our baby boy grow into the young man he is today.   We thank God every day for the blessing of being Tommy’s parents.

Graduation Day!
First Grade
Little League
Wacky Teen
Hiking at the Gorge in Ithaca

28 thoughts on “Where Does The Time Go?

    1. Thank you Sheryl, we think we do 😉 I have to tell you, yesterday I went to the dentist and could not stopping thinking of your grandmother and when she went to the dentist, needless to say I was thankful for the local antiseptic to numb my mouth as he went to work. I wonder what she had to go through… Blessings – Patty


  1. I wish there is a way to slow down time but all we can do is make the most of every minute, every hour, every passing years we have with our children. Your journey with your son is so filled with love and adventure. Your post made us feel like we were there ourselves. This is my favorite, “Today I see a young man, a soldier and a youth leader.” You and your husband raised a fine man with a great heart that is generous and full of courage. Beautiful post! Thanks.


  2. What a lovely post! I agree with onthehomefrontandbeyond! Our eldest will be 40 next year and inside we are still in our twenties!
    It is delightful to read the potted history of your much loved son. Love to you all 🙂


  3. ☆ ♥●••´¯`•.☆.•´¯`•.☆.•´¯`•.☆ ♥●
    …( =’;’=) ~Have a Delightful Day
    .(.\.. . . /.)
    Love Jackie


  4. Patty…I just saw your last comment on simplyjuliana…AMEN, I am in full agreement in the name of Jesus! I also want to tell you, I love you sweet sister!! You have been an inspiration to me, an exhorter when I needed one!! You are so precious and I mean that! You don’t know how your sweet words have literally INFUSED me with strength during this time! Thank you so much! It is truly a priviledge and a blessing to have found you here!!! Oh, and your blog is over the top WONDERFUL in my opinion! It always blesses me!


    1. You did it – you made me speechless! 🙂 Seriously, God has blessed you with such beauty as you live your life in His Love. Thank you for your kind words. God indeed uses everything in our lives to bring His people together. Always in God’s love and mine ~ Patty


  5. What a great way to honor your son. My son is 34 and I, too, remember a baby who was so afraid he would miss something he would not take a nap. More than once I had to catch his head as he nodded off while eating because it was the first time he had sat still that day.
    Take care, and Go Steelers! (We lived in Cranberry Twp. for 6 years.)


    1. 🙂 Thanks for sharing one of your memories…our children fill our lives with joy and are indeed blessings from God. I thought I would share with you what my husband says; there are two types of people in the world, those that are Steelers (Stiller) fans and those that want to be.


  6. Oh I love this Patty! You have so much to be proud of and it’s evident that you and Tom are amazing parents and great examples. I pray to be that example for our little Alexandra and whatever future children the Lord may bless us with! The one difference…they’ll be raised as Niners fans! 😉


      1. Haha! Oh yes! Hoping for some postseason baseball action, but football season here we come! 😉 Happy Friday!


    1. I have no idea where the time goes – it just seems like yesterday we brought home our son and daughter from the hospital. Now they are adults – I look at them and still cannot believe it. Congratulations to your daughter – May her life be filled with joy and happiness and lots of grandchildren for you and your husband!! LOL


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