More Zebra’s

Zebra’s have always fascinated me and these pictures that I found on Pinterest, show off the distinctive black and white coat.  I find interesting that each animal’s stripes are as unique as our own fingerprints – no two are exactly alike and each of the three different type of Zebra has its own general pattern. 

The three different family of Zebra’s are: the plains or common Zebra which is the most common, the  Grevy’s zebra, named for Jules Grevy, a president of France in the 1880s who received one from Abyssinia as a gift, and now found mostly in northern Kenya, and the third  is the mountain zebra, found in southern and southwestern Africa.

I do not know which Zebra family these are from, but can assume it the plains or common Zebra.  Either way these photos are beautiful, and I am happy to share them with you today.

Black and White Zebra with Black Background by
Photo found on Pinterest

Unknown artist – picture was found on Pinterest


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2 Responses to More Zebra’s

  1. They are beautiful creatures. I saw several of them during a trip to an outdoor park and they were amazing. Such a fun post. Thanks.


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