Being alone with my thoughts.

Listening for the voice of God.

Experiencing the calm of my soul.

Releasing all responsibilities…

all expectations.

If only for a moment

To be still

To be free

To be….

by Patty Beggs 2012

24 thoughts on “Solitude

    1. I have found a special closeness to God in nature. I think it is because we are one with His creation – it opens our souls to hear His voice. I wish this was my deck, it is my sisters house a perfect place for a retreat. There is plenty of inspiration there for writing and taking pictures. ~ Patty


    1. I feel honored that you re blogged this, I will be sure to tell my sister. The picture is of her deck and I took it while I was dog sitting for her in the spring. It was the perfect retreat and I was glad I got snowed in and had to stay an extra day! It was there that I felt the solitude I wrote about. It is as important as breathing is… Blessings~ Patty


  1. That is so beautiful… And the perfect picture to go with it. You reminded me how important that quiet time is – even whwn we’re alone this modern world with all the gadgets and tv, radio something-or-the-other is drowning out that opportunity to be quiet and, as you say, listen for the voice of God.


    1. Thank you, my sister lives in what we call God’s Country around here. It is simply beautiful and very inspiring. It was a perfect retreat and reminded me the importance of that quiet time with God that even Jesus took. Blessings ~ Patty


  2. Thank you for finding me, and commenting so thoughtfully on my blog. This post of yours, solitude, was the first one recommended by WP when I came here. And I’m glad. I love it. Simple and pure. So full.


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