Pirates in Pennsylvania

While we were relaxing on our lake cruise at Raystown Lake we were attacked by pirates!  They ambushed us as we entered Pirates Cove!

These Pirates were fun loving boat owners from the area that “attack” our cruise boat as we entered what is known as Pirates Cove.  But don’t worry we were well prepared because the guide on our cruise had water guns ready for the attack with plenty of water while the children did a great job protecting us!

I was told back at the dock that they are not sure who enjoys it more the pirates or the cruisers. Not only were the children on board all excited but us adults had the time of our lives.

So next time you are in Pennsylvania check out Raystown Lake but beware you never know when there will pirates ready to attack any unsuspecting tourist!


8 thoughts on “Pirates in Pennsylvania

    1. That is what I thought, I love the look on the one young girls face – such determination!! They brought a lot of joy and smiles not to mention the laughter – to a boat full of children and adults. Even the Captain of the boat was having a grand time.


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