The Commentator Award

Commentator Award

WOW – I can get used to these awards! They sure do make a humdrum week more interesting.  Thank you Future.Flying.Saucers. for the nomination for the Commentator Award. It is a blessing to have future.flying.saucers a part of my spiritual journey. 

When I first saw I was nominated for this award my first thought was, “all my talking finally paid off”.  One of the things I enjoy doing is talking and sharing ideas, and blogging gives me the opportunity for both.  Much to my husbands delight my “talking” is now done in writing so that means he has more time to watch his favorite sports teams; Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State Football along with the Pittsburgh Pirates. I think I just figured out why he supports me in this endeavor! 😉

I have come to know and appreciate everyone through their art and articles.  When I need encouragement I know where to go for inspiration.  To enjoy the beauty in nature and in photographs I have many new blogging friends to visit.  Need a recipe? I have some blogs with the most interesting foods to prepare. 

To pass on this award I am to recognize my followers we leave encouraging and cute comments on my blog. I choose the last few comments that were posted.  Thank you all for making blogging a new and fun adventure!








20 thoughts on “The Commentator Award

  1. Thank you so much! One of the things I like best about this blogging business is the exchange of comments, ideas and thoughts. You are brilliant at that so I’m not surprised you were awarded this! Thanks agin for the accolade! 🙂


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