Summer Twilight

Last night I was going to finish this weeks article, when I was intrigued by the evening twilight.  Since I have only begun to take photographs again, I do not have the proper camera equipment to really capture certain things.  The first two I took with a setting for night-time pictures and the last one in a normal speed but no flash.  The cloud cover last night just as dusk was appearing was interesting and I wanted to capture it, so here are my pictures, imperfect, but hopefully you can get the essence of last nights Pennsylvania’s Summers Eve:

This first one was interesting because it looked as if the curtain was being lowered on another day….(I actually took about 3 pictures in a row because I thought I was capturing something on my lens, until I realized it was the night sky)

This second one shows a cloud moving in ready to cover what was left of daylight….I took it with a slower shudder speed and it was also a bit breezy so that is the reason the leaves are blurred.  (Sorry ;))

This is my picture of summers twilight…


12 thoughts on “Summer Twilight

    1. The third one is my favorite too! We are going to a lake that is not that far from here so I hope to have some beautiful pictures next week. Fingers crossed it won’t rain! I also enjoying learning about the beautiful isle that lays across the big pond. Thanks for visiting and sharing your beautiful things! 😉 Patty


  1. Beautiful. I’ve been enjoying the morning dawn, with Venus and Jupiter both hanging brightly in the twilight over the eastern horizon. God’s extravagantly generous in giving us such wonderful sights!



    1. Amen! Everyday I see something new in Gods gift of creation, even on the same road into work each morning. The wonders of His world never ceases to amaze me. Is Venus and Jupiter sill “hanging brightly” I will have to try and check it out tonight.


      1. They are huge still, but you’ll need to be up and outside around 5 am to see them. This is the time of year when Venus earns its title of Morning Star, which is another great reminder of God since Jesus himself is the true Morning Star! (Rev. 22:16.)


        P.S. I followed you over frmo Laura’s “Enough Light”. Glad I did!

        P.P.S. I don’t have a blog of my own but i do write occasional guest pieces for others, and I am privilieged to count Laura as one of my occasional readers. If you get a chance, Nick McDonald just posted a guest piece I did on Bible literary imagery. Nothing earth-shatteringly insightful, but I hope it might get some thinking or a bit of discussion going:


  2. Thanks I will be sure to check it out. Enough Light is one of my favorites! Thank you for following me, I will look forward to watching for your guest pieces and thanks for the info, we will be setting our alarm early tomorrow morning. I did not know that Venus had that nickname, I can imagine it is like seeing the light of God…will let you know if we are able to see it, clouds rolling in again. Blessings ~ Patty


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