Abandoned Home

These pictures of taken of an abandoned home.  My daughter Michelle said that it gives new meaning to “tree house”. 

The Abandoned Home
Sits by itself lonely and drab.
Once grand, full of love and full of joy.
Long ago families lived within its walls,
Children played in the yard.
Now it stands empty, forlorn and ready to fall.
A home once filled with people – happy and carefree,
Now only houses opossums, cats, squirrels and bunnies
Its fate is that of an abandoned home.  (Patty Beggs 2012)

4 thoughts on “Abandoned Home

  1. The poem is beautiful and the pictures so thought-provoking. There are so many abadonned homes in rural areas–each with stories hidden within their crumbling walls about the people who once lived in them.


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