Happy Fathers Day Daddy

One happy family 1962

June 17, 2012  Happy Fathers Day Dad

One of my many fondest memories of dad is Sunday mornings.  We would wake up to the aroma of Sunday dinner cooking.  He enjoyed cooking and always cooked on Sundays; when time allowed he would often cook during the week. On Sundays he would always be dressed in grey pants and a white shirt and while preparing our Sunday meal he would wear mom’s white apron. 

As I would come down the stairs he would be watching old movies, Abbot and Costello one of his favorites, the Three Stooges or a Andy Hardy movie.  That would start off the day, then it would change to war movies with John Wayne naturally and on occasion mom would win out and it would be a western movie with John Wayne naturally! Dinner would be around 2 pm and then he would play his music on his reel to reel player.  It would be everything from big bands to German Wehrmacht music. He loved and appreciated all music and would pass that appreciation down to the three of us and to his grandchildren.

Actually both my sister and I still get teary eyed when we hear “You Are My Sunshine”.  It was the song he sang to us all the time and both of us can agree that it is still one of our favorites. Although my sister fondly remembers how he could not carry a tune! But that did not stop him from singing joyfully.

Daddy had a difficult life growing up, made some bad choices and was a troubled soul, of what I can assume was from his experiences in WWII.   He was stern and very much a disciplinarian.  He also had that look that said we better settle down or else!  But he also had a heart of gold and would help anyone in need.  He taught us honesty when he found a wallet with money in it; he found the owners name and contacted him to give it back with no hesitation.  He taught us to respect hard work and in getting the job done, he also taught us responsibility through his example of being a responsible father and son.  He taught us love by how how he loved and respected mom – both Bonnie and I agree they were indeed soul mates destined to meet.

I will always remember when my mother had her first heart attack, and dad was in the dining room finishing his breakfast.  I had gone in to say good bye to him before I left for school and he was sitting there with his head in his hands crying and praying.  He was not a demonstrative person, but in that moment showed me how much he loved all of us without saying one word.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!  You were only in our lives a short time, but you have left your mark in the adults we became. 

My sister and I with daddy and Tante Rosa and Onkle Gustav – Germany

Postscript~ the German Wehrmacht music was historical music to dad, and he liked the military themes to them.  He fought in WWII in Europe but had an appreciation of all German music, so please no rude comments it is not a political statement.  Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day Daddy

  1. Patty, this is also beautiful, brought back so many memories. You have captured the past so well. Thanks for the beautiful tributes to Daddy and Billy. Love you so much, Bonnie


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