Happy Fathers Day Billy

Billy at age 12
Altar Boy at St Francis Church

Day 2 ~ Happy Father’s Day Billy

Remembering you and the father you would have been.

I often think of my brother; who he was and who he might have become. He was a young man who enjoyed life and who had an adventurous spirit.  36 yrs ago he was tragically killed in an accident at the age of 19.

My sister and I have happy memories of the boy he was; a boy with a curious mind, an altar boy, very loving and sensitive, and our protector. He had a mechanical mind, always taking things apart and putting them together, always building and working with his hands.  We remember him as happy and good nature.  Most importantly he was our big brother and friend. 

When my sister was born he would claim she was his baby and growing up he continued to take that responsibility seriously.  They were 13 months apart and resembled each so much and had a strong bond that everyone thought they were twins.  Even after 36 years their bond is still there – her son is named for the brother she loved and respected so much

I was born the day after his birthday-only a few minutes passed midnight.  No matter how hard mom would plead with the doctor to “fudge” the birth certificate to the day before he would not do it.  Billy and mom told me how much he wanted another baby sister for his birthday, so although we did not share a birthday I was still his birthday present.  And he now had two baby sisters to protect and take care of.

The one memory that stays with me and best explains how he took care of us was after dad died.  He was in the Army then and came home to help mom take care of things and to say good bye to dad.  At the funeral during the grave side service Billy stood between Bonnie and me with his arms around us.  Sheltering us and trying to protect us from the pain we were all feeling.

We often wonder what type of man he would have become and both of us agree that he would have been a compassionate and caring person, probably an architect or something more outdoors in the actual construction of buildings and homes.  We see him as a father of daughters and by now probably a grandfather.  We can see him as their protector, their shelter from the storms and pain of life and raising them to be strong women of honorable character. 

~ Happy Fathers Day Billy you will forever be 19

in our hearts and in our memories ~

Billy age 17

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