Happy Fathers Day Tom

Tom putting on the Infantry badge at Tommy’s Army basic training graduation
Tom and Michelle at Michelle’s high school graduation

This weekend is Father’s Day.  I have had the privilege to have had three men in my life who had shaped the person I am today.   So the next three days I would like to honor them.

There is my husband, Tom who found his calling in fatherhood.  If it was possible 30 years ago he would have been a stay at home dad while I brought home the bacon.

And my brother, Billy, who died over 36 years ago at the age of 19, although he was never a dad, my sister and I remember the boy he was and the young man he was turning into.

Of course last but not least is my dad.  My sister summed it up when she wrote me: ” dad was a troubled soul,  full of pain and heartache,  from a tough life.  He was a hard worker who loved his family and always provided for us.”

Day 1.            Happy Fathers Day – Tom

Like all newly married couples, we bought our home, made plans for our future children.  We were ready to start a life together.  Tom had always wanted one child – a boy, and I had wanted 4 children 2 of each, a nice round number.  So being young and in love we compromised on two, although I think Tom was set only one child.

Then after nearly 2 years the big day came, our son was born.  From the moment he held our son he was instantly transformed into daddy.  Tom’s purpose in life was summed up in that one moment – daddy.

He would wake up to either help me or to feed Tommy, himself, for those midnight, 2 am, 4 am and 6 am feedings.  To this day our son hates to sleep!  A diaper needed changed, he was there.  Whatever our son needed he was there to provide it.  A whimper, a cry and he would be there to soothe our precious son.  Tom had the magic touch to calm him; actually he was the only one who could get our little restless bundle of joy to sleep.

Tommy would eventually turn into the type of man Tom is.  He is responsible, dependable, and has a good strong Christian character.  He is a true man of God, seeking to do God’s will in everything he does.

Move up 5 years – our daughter, Michelle is born.  Now Tom comes from a family of 3 other brothers, plenty of boy cousins, nephews, with only one girl cousin and one niece.  So our little baby doll was quite a surprise to Tom and he was unsure on how to handle a little baby girl.  Once he realized she would not break, he helped raised a beautiful, self assured, strong young Christian woman.  Michelle played with dolls and climbed trees, exploring the world around her, with no one telling her she could not do it.

Tom always encouraged the children to be who they are, and through his own quiet way, he taught them to love God by living their life pleasing to Our Lord.

We had always planned on a third child leaving it up to God’s timing, but circumstances did not allow for any more children.  But God is good, His plan perfect; He had blessed us with two beautiful children and a strong marriage.  God knew the desires of our hearts even before we did and His plan for us was fulfilled in the life he gave us.   We thank You Lord, for the husband and father you provided for us.


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