Happy Moments

I have been in a sentimental mood lately.  It might be because this year I turned 50.  So I have been looking through my photo albums, reliving the happy 50 years of my life.  I thought it would be easy to post pictures of my happiest moments.  It wasn’t, because  praise God I have had many “happiest” moments.  My life as a young girl, daydreaming, as I laid on my back watching the clouds float by, the day I married and the birth of my children are my most memorable moments.

It is time to enjoy once again those special moments of my life.

So put up with this 50 yr old woman as I relive the past, enjoy my present and look forward to the future with many more happy moments.

Here is the first installment of my most happiest moments:

Hawaiian Cruise – we took this wonderful Cruise after my husband returned from his last deployment before he retired from the PA National Guard.

First Cruise – Hawaii. our last port of Kona on the Main Island.
Hawaiian Sunset off the back of the cruise ship
The Kulaniapia Falls – Hilo, Hawaii

4 thoughts on “Happy Moments

  1. Your pictures make me want to be STATIONED in Hawaii 🙂 maybe next time… Thanks for sharing this happy moment (and those to post in the future). Maybe blogging will bring a new happy moment!


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