Our Hooligans

Silverback & Harrison

We have in our household 4 furry ~ 4 legged children.  Two belong to my daughter; one is part Bernese mountain dog who we affectionately call “the Ugly Dachshund”, although ugly he is not.  But like the “ugly Dachshund” in the Disney movie by the same name, he has been raised by doxies and considers himself to be one – the other is the only girl, a doxie named Lacey, who reminds the other three males that she is indeed “retired”.  Then we have the two dachshunds who we affectionately call “the Hooligans” who belong to my husband and me. 

We were blessed to have held Harrison when he was two days old. Even then he snuggled in the arms of my husband and daughter while I took pictures.  Today he still snuggles and easily offers to everyone he meets puppy hugs.  Silver short for Silverback, is loving and enjoys having his belly rubbed – all the time, but when he needs his space he lets you know.  And, yes to those who are Steelers fans, our Hooligans are named after James Harrison – Silver who is a Silver Dapple and because of his markings he was given  James Harrison’s nickname.  Like his namesake, Harrison loves his football, and unlike the famed Steeler, Silver prefers to sleep all curled up until it is time to eat or time to rub his belly.  On occasion he gets into the “game” and instead of tackles he nibbles Harrison’s ears till he gets distracted. I guess all is fair in the doggie world of football. 

What amazes me about these two little guys are how they were brought into our homes from different kennels, yet became “brothers”.  Both are as different as night and day, yet they are close like two peas in a pod and have a bond that cannot be broken. 

When they go out they run together – side by side, one waits on the deck until the other comes out and they both go together in the yard.  They need to sleep with each other in the kennel, they eat and drink out of the same bowls and they both lay on our laps together.  Harrison is the leader and Silver is his partner in crime.  They even worked as a team as they search and find “critters” in the back yard.

They are loyal to each other and to us.  Very rarely do they squabble but when they do, it is over as soon as it started. One growl here and another there and then it is done and they are off doing what they do best barking and running as they chase after each other or in search of that stray critter that wanders into the yard. 

There is a lesson we can all learn from these very two unlikely brothers ~ we should all just accept each other as we are and settle our differences with a growl or two and then go off doing what we should all be doing – play with each other!   It is as simple as that.


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