Recommended Blog “Tips on the Tips”

This blog has great tips on how to handle Military deployments and separations. And while you are checking out the latest tip visit their page The “While You Were Away” series of books and journals are designed to support families experiencing periods of prolonged absence or deployment, moving, re-integration or just life as a military family. Books and journals, as well as professional training and/or workshops, are available for families, educators, support workers (such as school liaison officers, deployment specialists, social workers, families, parents and anyone involved in supporting military families). You can also follow them on Facebook – While You Were Away.

Tips on the Tips

Four Ways to Stay in Touch – Tip #427

 Guest Post By: Heather Smith

As a military family you are used to the nomadic lifestyle and with each move it seems to get harder. You tend to make friends and build bonds that you did not intend. Once you know it’s time to go, you start to prepare for your move. Have no worries there are 4 ways you can keep in contact with your loved ones after the move:

Skype: Probably the most entertaining and easy way to keep in contact with your friends and family is the online video chat. Signing up for an account is fast and easy. You can pay for a premium account to get pay less on international calls or stick to the free version which makes free phone calls to other Skype users. All you need to do is to get your…

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3 thoughts on “Recommended Blog “Tips on the Tips”

  1. My family moved every 3 years.
    My husband is retired now.
    Part of me missing the adventure of moving around.
    The other part of me doesn’t.
    Moving was a way to remind me to go through the “junk drawers” and throw things out that I really don’t need. 😉


    1. I agree with you, I miss the moving around too. When I think that we have lived in place for over 20 yrs and established roots I feel blessed. Military families are lucky that we have moved around and then established our roots – I would not have it any other way. My DH now knows to get out of my way when I get the urge to clean out, he was usually on TDY or AT when I cleaned out things. He told me now he knows how I kept from getting too lonely while he was gone. On his last deployment I got rid of everything except the kitchen sink!! LOL


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