I am sharing this with permission from Wilma – I found myself relating to this article especially at the end where Wilma writes ” try not to control my own life’s situations. I am not a lone ranger. I am blessed to be a part of a large body of believers.” And what a blessing it is – to be a part of a God’s family so I do not have to struggle with my issues alone.

Blessings From Gods Word

Last week my pastor finished up a series of sermons entitled “Antidotes for an Out-of-Control Life”. In his last sermon of the series, he encouraged us to lighten our load by “letting go” those things that causes our lives to be out of control.  As we were challenged by his message, I was thinking to myself, “was there anything I needed to let go of to lighten my load”?  Did I need to let go of any activities in my life? What about the guilt of not doing some things I thought I should be doing? What about other peoples’ expectations of me?  Did I need to let go of fear or control? At first, I thought this was a good sermon but wasn’t sure how I could apply it to my life.   But there it was.  God spoke to my heart and I heard the word. CONTROL!

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