“Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World”

Our Sunday School recently read and discussed the book “Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World” by Joanna Weaver. On the first day we were all asked if we were more like Martha or Mary.  The answers varied, but most of us compared ourselves to Martha, the worker bee.  As I thought about it, I could not determine which best described me so I summed it up, “I am a Mary trapped in a Martha body struggling to get out.”

This book explores both roles and how most of us are a Mary trapped in a Martha body struggling to get out.  Our desire to wanting to know Jesus better is always distracted by the demands we place on ourselves.

Joanna Weaver compares both roles – The Mary heart and the Martha service by showing us how to find the balance in our lives – that of a servant and that of a worshipper.  We will discover how to become a Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to Him, enjoying and worshipping Him while at the same time maintaining the Martha qualities in us that allow us to serve Jesus in whatever our gifts may be.

Joanna takes you to the place at Jesus’ feet showing you how to let go of those demands and distractions in your life as you learn how to worship completely and freely.  Biblical principles through out the book will enhance your life of service and worship.  You will learn to grow your Mary heart and to serve God in this Martha world.

For more information you click on her book ~ and visit her blog at:  Becoming His


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