The 2011 Flood

On Tuesday Sept 6 to Thursday Sept 8, 2011 it had rained over 9 inches.  Our area had 3 months of rain in less than 3 days.  In this time the lives of over 100,000 people have been shattered as their homes and their sense of security have been lost and people begin to rebuild what they had lost.

Here where I live, we have been spared most of the damage and heartache.  It seems surreal as I sit here deciding what to have for dinner, complaining because I will spend an afternoon ironing or having a house to clean.  And all around me, people are going back to their homes to find no home to go to or finding their homes knee-deep in mud and destruction.  People are stranded in their homes with no water, phone or electricity as the flood waters destroyed roads and made them impassable.

Today the rain has stopped; the river, creeks and streams have all gone back to near normal levels. All that remain now is the mud, the devastation, the loss of personal treasures, the unbelief, and the lost dreams.

It was this picture of muddy footprints that I came across that I was able to see God in the midst of this tragedy.  God never promised us that life would be easy.  Bad things will happen, and God promised he will always be with us as we go through life’s trials.

We have seen God in each of the volunteers that are in the shelters and with each person in the rescue teams.  We see God in every person throughout our communities that prayed and now bring food, water, clothing, and are helping with the clean up.  We will continue to see God as lives are rebuilt and dreams are restored; as tears are replaced with joy and hopelessness turns into an anticipation of a brighter future.

Life will go on for those of us not affected.  We will wake up the next few weeks and go about our day.  The last few days will be but a memory.  But for those that will wake up each morning and have no homes to go to, their days will be filled with picking up the pieces and starting over.  They can be reassured that God goes with them, He will not leave them.  Even in the midst of their tears, anger and frustration, God promised He will be with them.  And like the Footprint poem expresses, it will be during this time of their lives that they will see only one set of footprints, which are God’s footprints as He carries them through this time.


2 thoughts on “The 2011 Flood

  1. Thanks Jeanne, one year later and still so many have not been able to rebuild. But the community is still helping and my work place has given thousands of dollars and man power through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance which helps with the unmet needs that either insurance does not cover or for those that have no insurance or eligible for government help. So one year later God’s spirit is still moving through Lycoming, Columbia and Northumberland counties. Thank you for your kind comment. Blessings!


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