iPhone App ~ Wee Pray

This week instead of writing an article I would like to start off my Book Review page, not with a book review but with a review on a special app for iPhones. 

I do not have an iPhone so although I liked the idea I could not do a review on something I am not familiar with so I would like to introduce you to Dawn from Dawn Apps.  She created the app called “Wee Pray – Pray with me” Read her article and then click on the links below and watch the video to get more information.

Do you have a loved one that is close to your heart but physically far away? Are there times in the middle of the day or night that you would like to hear their voice? Any time you want? Yes, you can email, you can video chat if the time zones allow it. Wee Pray – Pray with Me “When the Sound of Your Voice is All that Matters” is an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. With Wee Pray you can record a special message or prayer and email it to
your loved one.

Is your husband, wife, son or daughter overseas? Would you like to “hear” them say “I love you”? Would you like to tell them how much you love them? Would your children like to say their bedtime prayers with your spouse?

Do you have to travel for business? Are you missing an important day for your
child? You can send a quick recording “ I’m sorry I can’t be there for your big
game today, I know you’ll do well. Send me a message back telling me how you did in the game. I can’t wait to hear about it”.

The written word is a wonderful thing but can’t compare to hearing the love in your words in your voice.

Wee Pray – Pray with Me was designed for children missing their parents but it goes much further than that. “

By receiving these love messages from friends and other
family members who are far away and being able to play them immediately when they want to, kids will always feel safe and reassured that they are loved!” iHeartThisApp

“Long distant grandparents want their grandchildren to be able to recognize their face and voice even though miles separate them” DigiGram from Grandma Ideas.com

“Its a must for any family separated by distance!”
MaggieB Apps for iPads

For more information and more reviews, please visit Dawn
K Apps at http://www.dawnkempf.com

Click on this app to see the video:


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