C Rations

A few weeks ago on one of the Facebook pages I subscribe to, the question came up regarding how everyone likes the MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat).  These as most of you may know are the meals our soldiers can take out in the field with them and just like the title they are ready to eat.  They are made to be eaten quickly, hot or cold, when there are no facilities to cook hot meals.

So I read through everyone’s post and was amazed at how many liked them.  They are very nutritional but in some instances, like the cheese omelet which was voted unanimously the worse, they may not taste very good.

Growing up in the military I was raised with C-rations. Mom would create meals out of the cases of green cans that dad would bring home.  So it was no surprise when my husband started to bring home the MRE’s that I felt right at home and created meals out of them as well.  Now by themselves, they make nice quick hot lunches, but add rice, noodles, more meat or vegetables and you can have yourself a good casserole. 

Here are some pictures to give you an idea what our soldiers had in the past and what they have today:


The C-ration and one of my favorites – the pound cake.  You can imagine how surprised I was when I realized pound cake did not come in a can!  Another favorite of ours was the cheese spread and crackers. 

And the MRE – they are filling and full of calories.

Whenever Tom was gone for training or in the field, he would bring home bags of these leftover MRE’s.  It seemed I was the only Army wife who wanted them.   Even when I explained to a few how they could make them taste better, there were no takers.  It is amazing what a little seasoning can do. 

I like to imagine it is the seasoning and my magic touch that is the reason I like the MRE’s or it could perhaps be that the C-rations ruined my taste buds for civilian food!


2 thoughts on “C Rations

  1. I see this is a post from 2011 but “C-rations” caught my eye. After my father was discharged in 1949, he returned to Japan in 1951 to, um, marry my mom. Egads. He worked as a civilian employee for the PX until about 1958 or so when he returned to the US for good.

    Although I was but a child, I also “fondly” recall many meals from TONS of C-rations he had shipped over… I remember having fun using the little can opener that came in every box, the instant coffee packets (not for me, of course) and most of all, the powdered eggs…


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