Meine Mutter

I will always remember my mom singing Doris Day songs especially “Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) and the Christmas song Stille Nacht (Silent Night), she had such a lovely voice.  I will always remember how beautiful she was to me.  She was not perfect but it was her endearing little imperfections that made her the special person she was to all that knew her. 

She was born in Germany in 1926 the youngest of 5 children.  She was a very strong women who had grown up through the Depression, and a dictator.  She survived a war and had the courage to face two conquering Armies, all before she was 20 years old. Her life was full of struggles, pain and loss.

Mom found love and lost love, twice.  During the war she met and fell in love with a young German soldier, he was killed by a Russian sniper at the end of the war, as they were returning home to Germany from Czechoslovakia.   Unarmed, defeated and in the arms of the woman he loved.  Years later while working for an American Captain and his wife, she would meet my dad.  They were married 19 years when my father passed away. 

She gave us life, nurtured us, loved us and gave us her strength and courage to face our own obstacles in life. It was through her example that she prepared me for my life as an Army Wife.  When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was her legacy that gave me my own strength and courage to fight. 

Her life was not an easy one, but she made it a happy one.  She treasured each moment she had with us.  She gave us a carefree and innocent childhood.  As I remember her today, I will always remember her smiles, her singing, and her cute German accent, which she swore she no longer had!   

She passed away in 1982 and not a day goes by that I do not think of her. I see her in everything I do, and I see her in my son and my daughter.   Whenever I see a beautiful red rose or  smell the fragrance of lilacs or hyacinths, I think of her.  For as long as I can remember every Easter and Mothers Day dad would bring mom her favorite flowers. 

This Mother’s Day it will be nearly 29 yrs since she passed away.  I will always remember who she was and I will continue to strive in becoming the person she was. And I will continue to pass on her legacy of  spirit, strength and courage to my children and one day to my grandchildren.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I am sure heaven smells of roses and lilacs today!


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